June 28, 2008


Ok, so moving on...

If you missed the Epilogue - check it out below. Meanwhile,


He's growing and changing and still as cute and wonderful as he was the day we got him. The difference is, we are getting to know his personality and what a joy he is. Such a delightful little guy. This not to say that he never cries, or doesn't fuss, or God forbid meltdown. It just means that on the whole, he's just a very likeable baby. Happy, easily entertained, funny, and snuggly. What's not to love? Thank you Lord for our boy!

Just wanted to share a few pics with you -

Quint loves PAPER. A whole load of cool baby toys and he would rather open mail with his Daddy than play with any one of them. It's the cutest little thing. Hand him a rattle and he looks at you like you've lost your mind as he chucks it over his shoulder. Hand him an envelope from one of a hundred junk mail items - and he's in paper paradise.

His new trick is sitting up! (Sniffle...my little boy is already growing up too fast...) He needs help getting up in the sitting position, but he LOVES to be upright so he can frantically flail his little arms up and down while squealing in delight. Trying to reach for toys proves too challenging for him in this position as he loses his balance and falls over. But, my oh my, how he loves sitting up!

Just because he's my boy...and I love him. I love that coy look on his face. He has 100 of them and they're all priceless.

And his Daddy thinks he hung the moon and stars...there isn't a day that goes by that I don't hear Anton bellowing across the house "that's my BOY!!"

And this is Q in his brand new Pack n Play. (Fisher Price Rainforest set and it comes with a changing table and place to store diapers and wipes - wahoo!) He loves it! He had such fun sitting up and actually playing with his toys. He would topple over and I would sit him up again, and he would giggle. What a little doll! Can you tell he's a happy boy? Or is it just us?!?


Holly said...

I found your blog through No Place Like Home Adoption Advocates' site under African blogs. Mine is Purpose Driven Family although it is not truly an African adoption blog. We adopted our son from China last August and are in the process of adopting from Ethiopia currently awaiting referral(s).
I just wanted to tell you that I was so moved by reading all of your Journey of the Heart posts as well as the Epilogue. Even though we didn't see near the poverty in China (we were in large cities, not urban China)... I totally relate do many of your feelings of feeling homesick, feeling sick in a foreign country and feeling guilty for not falling in love with your son's birth country. I literally bawled like a baby when we finally boarded the plane to come home in Beijing. Being exhausted just adds to it. My adjustment was rough even when we came home. It took me a few months to get my health back and get a normal sleep rhythm going. May I recommend taking Ambien AND a strong antibiotic with you as well as a variety of cold/sinus meds and basically just a small pharmacy when you travel to China? I was SO thankful for the antibiotics AND the ambien!
Anyway, I am one who identifies with your pain, your disappointment and your utter relief upon hitting US soil! And I also share the feeling that even though it sucked big time... it was worth it. I wish that I was one of those people who just loved and adored the culture and the experience, but that just wasn't my story. Now that almost a year has passed, the memories aren't as painful and I can bask in the glories of the victories won this past 10 months, but honestly... I'm thinking VERY seriously about sending my husband and my teenage son to Africa without me. I hate the thought of missing the trip, but then again... well, you know.
I figure it might help if one of us is well rested and prepared upon the children's arrival home!
And now we have a 2 yr. old who is very needy as well... so I have a good excuse! ha ha!
Thanks for being so transparent. I know others will relate.
Blessings on your journey through babyhood with your son and your wait for your daughter,

Kim said...

LOVE the new pictures...
It is amazing how much Quint has changed in such a short amount of time....
LOVE his cute little smile...
Have a Great Evening..

frogglet said...

Quint is absolutely amazing. I just love that smile. I love the fact that he is so excited about sitting up, what a milestone.

Kristy said...

Christie in regards to your previous post, I truly appreciate the fact that you thought you needed to "explain" things, but let me tell you sister, your feelings, thoughts, good or bad about in situation in YOUR life are YOURS and not one person had the right to make you feel bad or sad about any of them. Just know that God loves you and he gave you what you needed to get thru this time in your life and you did it the right way and you will be rewarded for that one day....heck the rewards have already started ...you have that beautiful baby boy!!!!

Love and blessings, Kristy

Erin said...

Oh. My. Goodness. That has got to be the most precious child I have seen in a very long time. That picture of you and him....brought tears to my eyes. You and Anton are so completely blessed. Anton is right...that's your BOY!!! I can't wait to watch him continue to grow into a little boy.

Love you and MISS YOU! Auntie E

Emy said...

What a cute pack n play. Be thankful that he loves it, Ben did NOT!!! But, that just meant I got to hold him. :) Who really needs to do laundry, right?

Love those curls and those faces!

Eloise said...

That is the cutest baby ever! Love love love that curly hair and that precious smile.

Stephanie said...

So sweet!!!!!!!!!

Kim said...

I am just checking back.. Waiting for the GREAT blog makeover...
And a little bit (LOTS) of Quints cute little face...LOL..

Robyn said...

Total Quint cuteness (as usual!)!!

Where's the new blog makeover? The natives are getting restless over here!!

Love ya!!

AW said...

Christie, I'm a lurker from Kelley and Erin's blogs. Met them at an adoption workshop. I just wanted to tell you that your little boy is positively gorgeous! It's no wonder you get so much attention when you go out. You are so blessed!