March 10, 2008

This Little Piggy

Well, originally we thought we would have a "year of the dog" baby. Back in the day...'06

Then we were SURE we would have a "year of the pig" baby - and that came and went...buh-bye 2007

So now it's "year of the rat" baby...and I'm pretty sure Keira will indeed be at least born this year. But you just never know. I've been sure every other time as well.

And not just me, but AB as well. So much so that he bought me a "year of the dog" and a "year of the pig" outfit as each year passed. I was so bummed not too be able to use the "year of the pig" outfit, because it's just so darn cute and I just love little piggies!

Well as we now know, turns out my little man was born in '07 and so, he will get to be mama's little "year of the pig" baby. Who knew? And I have made sure to pull this tres chic outfit out of the masses for him - and it really gave me great joy to see it again and know that we get to use it. We can celebrate his sister and her culture, even in her absence - which is important to me. Just a tiny way to tie the two together, but still, it's something.

Meanwhile, if you interested in the latest "year of the rat" infant set, you can get it over at Red Envel@pe by clicking on the link HERE.

Have fun! I know a lot of you adopting mamas will have YOTR babies. Whahoo! Get em' while their hot people!

Cheers -

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Kim said...

I remember when you got that cute little outfit...
Can't wait to see Quint in it..
Have a Great Week..