March 21, 2008

In case you wondered...

...why no posts have come out with any sort of substance (except for the last one)...

AB is on Spring Break. And we're not relaxing - oh, no! We're working our tushies off.


Many pictures are coming of the obscene amount of household projects we've been doing every single stinkin' day - and the best one of all, our little man's room! (It turned out AMAZING!) We had to bring in the in-laws (AB parents) for reinforcement and we're so glad we did! It has been a huge help - and two more days left and we should be able to get it all done. Whew!

Needless to say, we've painted three rooms, installed lighting fixtures in the kitchen and bathroom, installed a counter-top workstation in the kitchen, moved oodles of furniture around, moved my office out to the living area, and installed shelving. That's not even all of it. But who has time to tell it all!??!

Love you, my peepers - but I must bid you a Happy Easter and promise to check in after the weekend with pictures of the transformation.

Robyn gets Avery tomorrow night (our time) so be sure to check her blog for the amazing pictures...I can't WAIT!! It's GOTCHA DAY!


Kim said...

I can not wait to see all the things you have done...
Quints room is going to be amazing..
Happy Easter..
Hugs ..

Lili said...

your house will never be the same again....YAY!!! Sounds like y'all got sooo much done.