March 6, 2008


Well, it doesn't happen but about once a year. Snow. In my little corner of Texas. But it did the other night and I was awake for it! It's so serene and lovely - and not nearly enough. It was gone by mid-day. Boo hoo. The dogs wanted nothing much to do with it and that just goes to show how either lazy they are, or spoiled. I was fascinated by it and loved every minute. What I love about this picture is the snowflakes falling - and how magical they look. The good news is, it's supposed to snow today and tomorrow so we'll get to enjoy a little more. Last night on the news, they said that we might get 2-4 inches. Awww...we're so lucky to live somewhere that gets just enough snow to be fun and then it's gone soon enough not to inconvenience anyone. Wouldn't want to live too far East or too Midwest. Those are some tough weather reports we've been seeing!

Got my first embroidered "it's finally happening, I can't believe it" gift yesterday. I have to tell you that this blanket is so soft and perfect and wonderful - even Anton was thoroughly impressed by it. And let's not forget that anything with his name on it...well, it just makes it so real. This came from a fellow teacher at AB's school and we were just so grateful. It's beautiful!

Meanwhile, some other families from the school have decided to give us a baby shower. They graciously offered to include my friends to their list so we can make it one big shower. Well, "big" is kind of...well, an understatement. Last AB checked, the guest list was up to around 100. WHAT?!?!? But I only gave them 25 names. Well what a HUGE blessing and I know we'll have a great time! I haven't been this excited since I don't know when! Is this finally happening?!?

And, we got lots of great advice about what to do with the whole "we don't have" and at AB's (yes, I said AB's) urging, we went to Babies mini-Costc.o and joined the ranks of those registered for all their baby goodies. We had a great time and AB had way too much fun zapping everything I pointed at.

Not far in and already I'm concerned. I'm supposed to first purchase and then use this product on my children? Hmmm, and I still have trouble purchasing feminine products. (hate it!)

Well, I'm in love with this stroller/car seat system by It's to die for. And here's the deal with it - out of all the strollers I've tried and those we tried that night - by far and away this one was a dream for steering, maneuvering, fold down and fold open, car seat removal and placement, and had enough gadgets to keep me drooling right to the time we walked out. I wanted it so bad! Oh, and it's cute chocolate brown with a burnt orange lining. Loved it! I can just see my little man now!

Meanwhile, AB just HAS to show me this highchair and whoops! Let's not take the whole row down with us, eh love?

But I agree - well made, darling, love the sage color, and totally mommy and daddy friendly. Boy, I'm really starting to love that!

But seriously, I'm still stuck on the stroller isle! Can't we have it, honey....PLLLLEEEAASSSEEE!??!?! Look how cute I can be with it?!?!

Last but most important of ALL is that finally, finally, finally another of my dear M3 Sistahs got her referral this week and we are freaking out over here in M3 land! First Robyn, then Me, now Valerie! So here she is and please, stop by and see my Valerie and give her a little blogger love - she waited 26 months for this referral and that my friends, is some kind of commitment!

Introducing Aubriana Rose! Not only is she cute as a button - she's got the most lovable little cheeks on the planet! Must kiss them!!!! Gosh, I hope this is big enough!?!?

(Meanwhile, it started snowing while I typed this post...and now it's really coming down! LOVE IT!!!)


Unknown said...

What a happy posts..our pics get me sooo excited for LynnMarie one day..

have a good one

4D said...

You don't know snow...that is a dusting compared to what we have. But being in Texas, I guess you do not see it often. A nice white change I am sure.

Love the blanky.

LOVE the stroller. Hope you got to zap it to your list.

Keep smilin!

Lili said...

It snowed in Texas and you registered....two rare events! Enjoy!!

Kim said...

LOVE the stroller, high-chair....
And I can't believe you count so far is 100 people...
You go girl..
That is amazing..
You both sooo deserve everything.. you are an amazing couple..
Love the blanket... it makes things sooo much real when our little ones names are on the gifts..
Have a Great evening... in the snow..
Hugs ..

t~ said...

Have fun preparing and shopping!

Robyn said...

You and AB crack me up with your registry pics. We will definitely be buying you some Butte Paste just to see the look on your face.

Can't wait to see Quint in person!!!

Our crew is growing and all these precious bundles have not idea what is in store for them!!!

Love ya!!

Dan, Misty & Ashar said...

I loved seeing you guys shopping for baby. Yeah! So awesome that you finally have reality to grab ahold of here, and not just hopes and faith (which is what ultimately get us to reality)

Briana's Mom said...

Oh my gosh - you guys are just too cute going through the store!

Anonymous said...

Great post - it is fun having that gun in hand huh? Suddenly outrageous prices go right out the window because you aren't spending you are just scanning.

Thank you for the cute mock up of Aubriana I would love a copy of it.

Love V

Donna said...

We just registered this past Saturday and picked that exact same high it. Also, we picked a chocolate brown stroller, but the Graco Quattro Tour since we don't need the infant seat.

Great minds think a like!

Donna :)