March 19, 2008

Need a pick me up?

After over two years spent in the LID line-up for China, my Sista-friend Robyn is finally, finally, finally on her way to get beautiful Avery!

I can't express enough how happy I am to finally get to see her go! It's amazing and I am so happy everytime she posts another update from China - like a kid in a candy store soaking up her adventure while waiting for my own.

Lesson learned = it actually happens. To real, honest to goodness people.

Go share in their joy and get a pick me up! Who knows - it just may help you make it to your moment! Inch by inch, it's how we all get through it...

Love you R!


Kim said...

I just went over and caught up and posted comments..
You will be there soon..
Then we just have to wait for little ole me..
But you will get to go get Quint soon..
HUGS girly..
Keep your chin up..

Elise said...

Thanks for the reminder...our day will come! so happy for Robyn!!!