December 5, 2007

Princess Party

I love my M3 Posse...

Definition: Amazing friends all adopting or who have adopted from China and who utterly "get" me and love me anyway. We technically met in 2005 through our agency, but it wasn't until June or so of '06 that we started really spending time together. After that, it was a downhill slippery slope of getting together almost weekly. We suffered withdrawal if our hubby's wouldn't allow us a "girls night" every couple weeks, and we certainly took very quickly to dragging them along. But not long after, we found that even our husbands had bonded in some strange and delightful way. Through Wii and Guitar Her0 - through Poker nights, and birthday parties, dinners out and potlucks in, and just plain old "we're coming over...break out the chips and dip". Somehow, we wove this tight-nit circle of fun and friendship. The beauty of course being that we all live relatively close to each other and can run at the drop of a hat if one needs the other - which we certainly have been prone to do. Well, all this to say.....

One of the things about me that I'm still not sure if I should try and change yet or not, is that I am a bit of a princess. (ahem) Now, AB does not help matters at all, because he truly spoils me rotten. I've even asked him "why do you spoil me?", and his answer is that he can see no reason not to. (wonderful man) But I've been known to, well, hold my pink Wii remote in the air and, well...(cough)...say aloud for all to hear "I am the princess" (kind of sing-song-ey if you will). Ahem. Well, there it is. I didn't say it was pretty. But seriously, I do love me some princesses - and if you haven't seen "The 10th Kingdom", you must rent it and watch it - it is such a wonderful movie - family friendly! I'm still waiting to go see Enchant*ed....can't wait!

Somewhere along the line, my M3 Posse assessed me and realized that this Princess mentality I have is just a part of my personality for better or worse. And somehow, rather than find it utterly disdainful, they love me anyway. Not only that, but they tolerate and actually celebrate me for who I am - they love me despite me, if you will.

For my Birthday, they surprised me by showing up at my house and kidnapping me away to a beautiful little girlie Cafe called Celebrity Bak*ry. Yes, this is where the previous post with that pic of chocolate cake came from. So as you will see below, my luncheon was filled with friends, fun, and of course, German Chocolate Cake - which was to die for! Top that off with a crown that lit up when I wore it, and you've got yourself a Princess Party!

Thanks girls, you really made my Birthday special - and 1000000 thanks for the Gift Card to Hobby Lobby!!! Already made a dent in that one...

You guys are the best! I love you!!

La Cake, La Crown, and La Coke

Party Princessa

Party Princessa Mia in training

Princess Erin from the North Kingdom

Princess Valerie from the West Kingdom

Princess Robyn from the Country Kingdom

Princess Kelley from the East Kingdom


Kim said...

HOW FUN!!!!!
Love it...
Looks like you had soooo much fun...

4D said...

A great group of friends. Wonderful.

What a super surprise!

Keep smilin!

Dena said...

Looks like so much fun! Happy Birthday Christie!
Big hug,

Donna said...

What FUN...a princess luncheon! Friends, fun and chocolate cake...what could be better!

Donna :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a very special celebration for a very special princess!!!! Glad you had such wonderful time.

Erin said...

I just love my princess friend! I'm so glad that we got to share your day with you. LOVE YOU BUNCHES!!!!!!