October 1, 2007

Fall Goddess Recommendation

It's not enough to quote her amazing ideas here, or to share with you some of her delicious recipes. You really should go visit her here. Really. I love her website because she kind of encompasses my personality within all its pages.

And because she has been, since I started scrapbooking, one of my all time favorite paper and embellishment lines to purchase.

And because I've been sending little notes on her stationary for years, and envelopes covered in her sticker line.

And because to me, she is the real deal...and not a M@rtha S. knockoff...

And because she somehow hones in on all the little things I love, adore, and cherish about my own life...

And because she makes me miss my family and all the things that were wonderful about my childhood.

And best of ALL - because even though I have never met or spoken to her in my life, she stopped by my little blog and left a comment! (which you can read here!!!) Which, by the way, caused my jaw to drop a whole three or four feet to the ground. I was in SHOCK! I think when you're that well known, and have books and calendars, etc. you probably have someone who has to scan the net making sure no one rips you off. To be honest, I specifically made sure to give her credit in my posts so that the opposite would be true. But just the fact that she took time to post - and to say anything at all - well, it just darn near got me a little teary eyed!

Reason enough I think. Go visit her....you will absolutely love peaking into her corner of the world and absorbing the domestic goddess that she truly is.

I am honored she stopped by! Susan, if you're reading this, you've made my day, and I really needed that!

Cheers everyone!


Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Have a Great Day...
Starting another month...That
means one step closer..

Mom said...

Wow Christie!!! Susan Branch!!! Wow Christie............
Who would've thunk?? I am impressed and I know how much that meant to you to have her read your blog, of all things to go to, I can't believe it. How awesome for you. She has been your go-to girl for scrapping since you started. Great goin' baby. I love you, you're so awesome!

Anonymous said...

I love her too. One of my favorite Christmas gifts was her Christmas tradition/memory book. And when our small group at church donated a basket with a dessert theme for the middle school youth mission fundraiser, I added one of her cookbooks.

What a huge blessing!

Anonymous said...

Wow, impressed there Ms Christie!! U R famous!!
Keep writing girl, your a natural