October 18, 2007

Empty Nest Syndrome?

How can you have "Empty Nest" Syndrome when you have no chicks in the nest to begin with? I went into Keira's room tonight and took this picture. The way I see it, I have a good (bad) case of "Empty Baby Room" syndrome. We used to keep the door closed, then we opened it, then we closed it, then we opened it again - because it's so happy and colorful, I couldn't bear not to see it when I passed in the hall. Not it almost feels sacrilege to close it - like we're saying "can't think about you now". So we leave it open and I miss her. Especially at night when I wish I was tucking her in and smelling her sweet little baby shapoo'd head, and kissing her little cheeks. But I'm not closing it.

Meanwhile, how can you deal with "Empty Baby Room" Syndrome???? Eat this. And I did. We have an amazing bakery in town and you can walk in any day of the week and they will have the most amazing, beautiful and delectable cakes on stands. But I'm always leaning over the counter looking for the pan cake. The one that's messy, dripping, and gooey. The one that's dense, heavy, and chocolaty. And they always have it. Today was no exception. Chocolate cake with buttercream (oo-ey, gooey buttercream) frosting, drippings of melted chocolate, and then crunched up healthbar all over the top. Today Heathbar, tomorrow peanut butter cups, Saturday Butterfingers. So moist and dense you can't eat it all in one sitting. Well, you can. Because I watched a friend do it today. But unless you want to enter into a Chocolate Coma, I suggest baby bites and a large glass of milk. All same...it is no more. I just finished it while typing this blog post. Gawd, I love cake. Cheers!


Catherine said...

Glad the door is open! Soon it will be filled with baby love.

Until then I think I put on 3lbs just reading your post but it was worth every last imaginary bite! Mmmmm!!!

Kim said...

Keep the door open...
She will be home soon..
Keep your chin up girly..

Stacey said...

It is so funny to me how your post brought back so many memeories of the time I spent in Miah's room alone waiting for her. I too opened and closed the door many times, and more often than not I would take an outfit from the closet and rock with it imagining what she would be like in it. Hang in there girl it will.... WILL happen and you will look in and the room will breathe with life. So just keep filling it with love. **** I think all the love dumped in the room while waiting for Miah helped her sleep better when we got home**** Wink Wink

Dawn and Dale said...

With as long as this wait is taking...I could REALLY use a bakery like that near me!! (Ok...well maybe not...but it sure would be nice some days!!)

4D said...

Her door is open. Her room makes me happy and I love seeing everything. One day she will be there to play and enjoy it.

That cake is a DEFO good way to help ease the waiting pangs.

Keep smilin!

Unknown said...

Yummy cake. You will never know how much you have encouraged me

Christy said...

Oh I am so with you on the cake thing. I love buttercream and when places try to substituit the buttercream with that whipped stuff-- I get really pissed. It is just wrong!! GIve me the sugary buttercream and I am happy!!!

While waiting for MIa I always kept the door closed but went in there often to spend time dreaming about the day she would be in her crib. I loved it in there and now that she is home i love it that much more. Go in there often and enjoy it.

Chrsit :)

Briana's Mom said...

Gosh - I have been there. I was so nervous during the wait for Briana that I didn't start finishing the nursery until we got really close to the finish line. I know what it is like to want to keep that door closed. Hang in there my friend!

Anonymous said...

The nest built with love and dreams and hope....gaze upon it and know soon it will have it's soul within.

Love V

Anonymous said...

I agree with V.....fill the room with love everyday, believe she is there, she will be.

Chocolate, my oh my... where is this place? And is it a chain?
Do they ship? Yummmmmmmmy

love deany

Headmeister said...

I totally understand the "empty nest" feeling. That's why with such a wait ahead of us, we're not even doing her room until we get a few months away from a referral. But that sure is one beautiful baby room you have there, and if that were in MY house, I'd go have my morning coffee in there at least a few times a week :)

As for that cake, I got a toothache just LOOKING at it!!!!