October 14, 2007

Say what?

I'm sorry for my lack of posting - it's not even that I don't have blog worthy things to say! I just have...a little catching up problem. A hate going several days without posting - it makes me a little jumpy - like you're all missing out on all the things piling up to talk about. And then I have to start purging things...

"Well, that'll just have to go because I don't have time to post about that one...oh and that one is so 'last week' now. This...well, maybe I can fit it in...but this one - definitely not - no time now."

Hate that.

So sorry for the delay - lots of things to say but little time to catch enough breath with which to force the fingers into typing submission.

What can I say? Work, work, work. I'm buried in work right now and since I work from the old Casa de ABCB, I have to really make myself stick to it and not wander over to Bloggerville fifty times a day to see all of you. This has made me a lousy commenter on your blogs this last two weeks. Sorry friends!! Not intentional - just buried!

Things on the horizon to talk about:

Six Flags is not for Old People
Ethiopia Dossier and the Caper of the Big Let-Down
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and what that means to me

TIME - all I need is TIME!


Christy said...

OK, looking forward to the Ethiopia Let down post. Woudl love to hear about that.

I too have been so uninspired it is crazy. My posts last week were so lame but I am trying to get inspired.

Good luck on that and I do check your blog daily to see whats going on with you!!

Christy :)

4D said...

Ya gotta live. We will all be here when you have time.

Keep smilin!

Briana's Mom said...

I know what it is like being behind on blogging! I get so busy with Briana it gets so hard to catch up!

Elisa...life as we know it. said...

Yes that damn work...don't you just hate hoe it gets in the way of all the important things like blogging with your friends :)

Kim said...

Don't you wish we could just all win the lottery and life would be so much easier... NO WORK...
they we would just have more problems..
Love your posts... I am always looking..