July 13, 2007


I'm seriously not trying to drag this out - but we didn't get the info we needed to proceed today and so I can neither confirm or deny the previous hint. Good guesses though - very good indeed!

Meanwhile, we're off to Vegas in the morning to bake like chicken on a grill. 110 degrees!! You've got to be kidding me?!?! Good thing the casino's have air!

On another note - I wanted to share with you some insight into the funny t
hings that my husband says on a daily basis. These comments were taken strictly from today - and we're totally unrehearsed. He is so funny, he freaking cracks me up!!

Scenerio: Riding in the car - we're talking about him remembering what I tell him and not having so many A.D.D moments and I say to that I need him to "think about these things".

The response: "Babe, I purposely
don't think, so I can avoid disappointment."

Scenerio: The Bank - paying our mortgage. I say "...the bank teller is too perky - you would get along great probably. She's probably your type of girl".
Reply from AB: "I believe I married 'my type of girl'. (He then looks at the teller and says to me...) She's cute! (then darts his eyes back at me and continues unabashed) You gotta keep your options open, Baby."

Scenerio: Discussing the devious behavior of a certain married man we know of who was caught hiding something from his wife.
AB says: "that was a dumb sh*t move! I mean, it's a great way to hide it, but still...

Scenerio: Telling AB everything we have on the agenda for the day.
I say: "Ok, we've gotta go to the bank, the store, pay the house payment, feed the big girl...(me)
AB says: "Well, where do you want to feed? (Could have killed him!)

Scenerio: Sitting at his computer mumbling to himself all of a sudden he asks me...
AB: "Babe, I'm a Nintendo whore, right?"
(*For the record, yes babe...you certainly are!)

Scenerio: Walking through Walmart
AB: I have to pee
CB: Oh me too!
AB: You have to go too? Oh, that's good - I thought I was alone in my pee-ness. (get it?)
We both busted up laughing at that one...but he totally didn't intend the double entrande.

Hope those made you chuckle - we certainly cracked up every time, but sometimes you just gotta be there to appreciate it, right? Anyhoo - off to pack or whatever, and try to get out of here on time tomorrow!


Peacer Outer!


Unknown said...

Those are just great!!! I love coming here. YOu always make me smile!

aimeeg said...

Your hubby sounds like lots of fun!

Have a great weekend!

Erin said...

You two crack me up! Bob especially liked the eating one. Have fun in Vegas - love you!

Elise said...

It is so fun to have a partner who is always cracking you up...have fun in Vegas (I have never been there either)...I hope you have something to share with us when your return:)

Andrea said...

I think our husband must be clones!! You make me laugh! Hope Vegas treats you well!!

4D said...

AB is too comical!

Have a great time in Vegas!

Keep smilin!

Elisa...life as we know it. said...

He sounds like a lot of fun, am sure he would get on well with my DH!

Valerie said...

eating with you two is like dinner and a show!

I hope you came home with the shirs on your back.

See you Saturday.

Love V

A Mom- In-W8ing said...

PEE-NESS!!!!!! Arahhhhh!!! Too funny!!

Smiles! :o)