July 12, 2007

I give you....the Weather

Here's what I don't get - you hear a lot of people say "I could never live in Texas - it's just too darn hot there". I hear this from people who have never even been to Texas. I want to be a witness to the fact that whoever says this, has obviously never lived where I do (north TX). Really over-rated weather rumors - and the fact that we're having a mild (to say the least) summer is not all-together unusual. We even get a little snow around Valentines Day, and when we're really lucky, the most spectacular lightening storms. There is nothing better than Texas weather...well, ok - maybe Hawaii weather. But I'm a California girl, and right now - my family is BAKING because it's so dang hot there. Well, I keep trying to get them out here to see that TX is not the heat beast people presume it to be. Yee haw! For example:

Where I am:
Texas Forecast for this weekend:

Friday: High 86 / Low 72
Saturday: High 82 / Low 70
Sunday: High 84 / Low 71
(Keep in mind it's July...)

Where I'm heading for R & R this weekend the forecast is...

Las Vegas Forecast -

Friday: High 109/ Low 86
Saturday: High 110 / Low 85
Sunday: High 109 / Low 85

OUCH!!! Better take some sunscreen or I'm liable to literally turn into a fried egg right on the pavement. At the very worst, I'll burn and peel. (ahh! Don't get me started on peeling - love it! - grossss huh?)

No matter - the penny slots are calling (and so is a business conference) but luckily I am dragging (he'd be at the airport already if I would let him) the hubby with me. We're really looking forward to it -as I am a Vegas (gasp) Virgin...

Come on Lucky Sevens!!!!


Elise said...

Have fun girl....not melt like a chocolate in a pocket;) You just crack me up!

Erin said...

Amen sista! As a born and bred Texas girl, I have never understood what people complain about. I have been in much hotter and much more humid places in my life. And you are right - Texas weather can sometimes be so gorgeous. Don't bake this weekend and put $5 on red for me!

Love you!

Robyn said...

Girl...You have to do me proud and ride those rides at the top of the Stratosphere!!

Texas weather is crazy and mostly not too bad but I am SICK of rain!!

Have a great time!!

Anonymous said...

Have fun in Vegas! We are heading there in a few weeks. Maybe you could find some time and enjoy another spa treatment.

I am soooo sick and tired of the rain. Ugh!

Kim said...

Have fun in Vegas.... Win some money..
Have a GREAT weekend.

4D said...

Have a great time!! Good luck on the slots.

Keep smilin!

Andrea said...

Have fun in Vegas! Stay in the casinos, the heat won't get you there! It is so much fun!

Anonymous said...

OMG A VIRGIN!! You are gonna love it!! Especially at night when you walk outside and you breath and the air through your nose is hot like being in a sauna!! And it's 110 at night!! Hope it's not that way for you, instead do as advised, stay in the casino's that's where all the fun is anyway. Remember to follow the yellow brick road at the MGM. Have fun!!!
Love deany