March 1, 2007

Two Things...

You would think after Eleven Months of waiting, I would be somewhere hiding under a rock. But the truth of the matter is this - I have close, dear friends who have been waiting fourteen, sixteen months. How can I whine and complain? I mean, I can - but why should I? It won't change anything and it won't cause a sudden speed up in China. So, as my 12 month LID is next on the "order up" menu, I pause to reflect on the last year and all that has changed for me. The biggest of which is, my M3 Posse. (see slide-show above) I could not have gotten through this far without visiting said "rock" if it had not been for my amazing friends traveling the adoption road with me. Thanks gals for taking this journey with me, one painstaking day at a time. I have high hopes the wait will melt away the moment we're holding our children for the first time. Now, when that will be - who can say? But just the same...happy LID to me and the hubby for reaching 11 months LID.

Meanwhile, if you would like a pick me up, head on over to my dear friend Dena's website Room for Grace - and you can experience their adoption of Piper first hand. We have known this beautiful family since they were paperchasing in '05 and it's so amazing to have seen them walk this journey and finally go get their girl! They're in China as I type this and it's just a beautiful and wonderful story to follow. Love them! Can't wait until they come home and we get to hug all over that beautiful baby girl! Here's a stolen sneak peak - I'm so bad, but aren't they sweet!!!!???!!! Makes me want to jump on a plane tomorrow and go get my girl - also makes the wait bearable...

Don't forget to peak down below at the post underneath this one - it's a new one also, for the hubby!



4D said...

Happy 11 Month LID-iversary!!!

Closer and closer!

Keep smilin!

Kelley said...

Happy LID Anniversary! I am so happy that we can share this journey with you and AB...and, that you don't hold me responsible for this absurd wait!

Thanks for sharing Grace's blog too...I just read the whole thing!

Love you, girl!

Elise said...

Happy 11 months...we celebrate 7 today, yeah!!! It is so neat to have a group of buddies to go through this with and I love the pic of your hubs...those kids look so intent on whatever he is telling them:)

Erin said...

I am HONORED to be taking the journey with you. I wouldn't be as sane as I am without you and the rest of the girls. You are each such a blessing to my life and I love you all!

Happy 11 months! Time is flying by!

redmaryjanes said...

Congrats on 11 months!

Valerie said...

Yipppee !! months. Congratulations! Won't be incrediably unbearably long now.

Great slide show of the Posse.

Is this Anton's Just Say No speech?

See you soon.

Love V