March 4, 2007

Thank you, you wonderful man...

I told you all that I would be posting about a wonderful and "drool worthy" surprise that my love got for me. When I had been home from Texas for about two days, a large package arrived on the front door step. It had AB's name on it, so I called him and he said "maybe it has my name on it, but I think it's still for you - maybe you should open it?". Excitedly, I opened the box, and saw two more beautifully wrapped boxes inside. I could tell right away that AB had shopped at one of my favorite online stores, the Red Envelope. If you haven't stopped by there, they have a lot of Asian themed items, as well as some beautiful other things. In addition, they have a signature way to present their items, which is a gorgeous red box with a thick ivory material bow. It's so pretty you don't want to open it.....well, almost.

First I opened the card which said:

"I love you so much. I am so glad you're back home. -me"

Then I moved on to the big red box. As I unwrapped the layers of aqua blue tissue, I quickly saw a luxury item - a beautiful white terrycloth robe. As I lifted it up and out, I saw that he had had it monogrammed with my nickname initials. A little background; since we started dating, AB had a little "pet-name" for me and it stuck - and for the most part, when he addresses cards to me, or writes little notes, he puts "HBOO". I will be vulnerable and tell you that it stands for "Honey Bunches of Oats". Please don't think that we're's just this sweet little thing that has stuck from our dating years. So, thank you babe! It's a wonderful and beautiful gift and I absolutely love it!

Meanwhile, there was still another gift to open. I grabbed up the second box and made my way through the ribbon and tissue to find the following for Keira Joy! A little background on this one - last year when our dossier finally went to China, AB got me this same thing for Keira, only it was "Year of the Dog", which is what we thought she would be, since we also thought we would be home from China already. Meanwhile, weeks turned into months and suddenly it was the "Year of the Pig". This is the most thoughtful little thing he could have gotten me. I LOVE it! (and I know Keira, our little "piggy", will love it too!)

Enjoy the pics - and Babe - KUDOS to you for being so romantic and wonderful. And for always finding ways to surprise and amaze me with your kindness and love. And last but not least, for remembering that "gifts" is one of my primary love languages. You're the best hubby ever!



Anonymous said...

Hello, and welcome to the party. Congrats on the awaiting of your new baby from China... I also have a close friend waiting for a little girl also, she is going to be named Sahvana.

Go to my blog to see my little ones, and my other friend's boys from Russia, and enter to win a party gift.

<>< Carolyn

4D said...

What a great hubs you have! Those are lovely presents. And I love the nickname!

Keep smilin!