April 9, 2012

30 Days of Spring Cleaning–Easter Weekend

Well, our three day weekend went far too fast, but overall it was a lovely Easter and I’m hoping that yours was too. 

First: a challenge update.  Sooooo, remember when I said we were going to be cleaning out the attic and garage?  Yeah.  Turns out that project is not nearly as rewarding as an afternoon nap.  HOWEVER…that did NOT keep us from tackling it, just the same.  And in a sense, we basically did Zone 1 of the attic.  We pulled down an entire section and then some, and started the painstaking process of going through every. single. box/tub/bag and making decisions for their contents.  It was not easy.  Not gonna lie.  Three to four hours in, I was sitting zombie-like in a chair and Anton was pouring through college papers and old bills.  Yes, old bills.  Don’t even ask.  We didn’t even know it was up there.  This is the whole point of the cleaning.  We threw away two large black garbage bags of papers/junk/etc., started a great “garage sale” pile, and were able to re-pack in a safer and more efficient way only those things that we truly felt our kids might one day like to have.  Despite being tired, overwhelmed, and even pooped on the whole project – we hung in there a good portion of the day, until at last dinner was calling and we decided to call it quits.  Still, it was fun to document our progress to share with all of you:

Make sure you have two cute helpers.  Makes everything easier.


Also helps to have irresistible little boy helpers who insist on full-regalia. 
Especially ones who LLLOOVVEE to go into the attic with Daddy…

IMG_1592    IMG_1610

It started to get a little bit overwhelming by the time the tub stack got taller than me.  Ugh!


It’s especially fun to find clothes you wore in the 80’s.  Go baby, rock it!

And your childhood jump-rope.  Especially when you’re still really good at it…

IMG_1634    IMG_1649

That’s me.  Buried in the rubble.  Do you feel my pain?


It was particularly nostalgic to find cards and crafts from our childhood. 
After approximately 150 cards, we had to draw the line and pick just a few to hold on to.


Sorting old paperwork, college papers, letters, and various forms of nostalgia.
We did get a little bleary eyed after several hours of this had passed.


All said and done, I was really proud of our effort.  Small confession to make: we pulled down roughly 9 tubs of children’s clothing from my kids.  Now people, I am loathe to confess it – but I felt so sad and pitiful.  I cried.  Just the thought of parting with their things…it did me in.  I know this makes me loony, but I cannot seem to help it.  I just boo-hoo’d like a big baby.  So now, all 9 of those tubs are in my entry-way and I am committed to sorting through them and deciding what to do.  No promises, but I’m going to attempt…well, something.  I don’t even know what yet.  Ahem.  No promises.

Meanwhile, HE IS RISEN!  {this is the great part where you say “He is Risen Indeed!”}.  We had a wonderful Easter Sunday  celebrating Christ’s Life, Death, and Resurrection!!  Quint has so many questions, and we are BLESSED to see his interest in faith blossoming.  We are humbled by his innocent curiosity in his Maker.  What a privilege for us to see him growing in this way.

Saturday night we let the kids dye their eggs for the first time evah’.  I’m slow, what can I say?

IMG_1688  IMG_1683  IMG_1692

Sunday morning we made it to the Easter Sunrise Service, followed by an Egg Hunt, breakfast, and then two services (I sing in the choir).  After which I am proud to say that we rushed home, ate some delish egg-salad sammies, and put ourselves promptly to bed for two hours of nap-heaven. 


After which, the kids got their baskets from us! BIG hit. They were so happy with their goodies. 


Oh, wait!  One more hilarious find this weekend that I just have to share with you!  Going through all those childhood papers and schoolwork, etc. we came across a letter Anton had written to his parents in 1980.  I think it’s fairly safe to say that Anton’s political persuasion was set by age nine…

Letter to Parent's - from AB-rvblog

**Translation: “Dear Mom & Dad - Thanks for the Millennium Falcon and also for my other presents. And one more thing, thanks for voting for Regan! And thank you for telling me that I had a pajamaparty friday night. Love, Tony” **


crazy said...

OMG...I have those same kinds of bins currently lurking in my garage!! I have been cleaning out for a consignment sale...and quite honestly...I just open some bins and then in fear put the lid right back on!! Thanks for sharing!! Ann C in TN.

Lynda said...

Congrats on your great start!! Cute pictures of the kids - LOVE the letter : )