March 6, 2012

Hot Topic

In our house, the only conversation coming up again and again and again is all things Disneyland.  The children are occupying a good portion of their waking hours discussing who they are going to hug (Ariel, Buzz Lightyear, Cinderella, Mickey, Minnie, on and on) and which rides they are going to go on (“Star Wars”, “Small World”, “Choo choo”, on and on).  Each day I am bombarded by two toddlers eager to know how many more “sleeps” until they get to ride the airplane.  They want to watch their Disney movies, hold their Disney toys, wear their Disney related shirts.  Quint has brought to me five shirts at a time to “let me know” what he needs to pack.  Keira told me last night she was wearing her princess pj’s into Disneyland so she can show Cinderella.  Sigh…

Normally, I’d be tempted to be a little tired of hearing about a topic that created so much stir.  Such constant questions from sun up to sun down.  But I can’t help but to be excited with them and for them.  We’ve planned this trip for a couple years and I am so glad to be on the home-stretch of our departure.  The excitement is eating us up! 

Last night AB and I had a short “come to Jesus” meeting about expectations never quite meeting the standard.  How things happen.  How toddlers meltdown.  How being tired and stressed and overwhelmed can often cause Mommy to have her own meltdown.  {ahem}  It was good to remember that life isn’t perfect and as such, trips like these can bring about a lot of stress.  Still, we also talked about how much fun it will be just to be able to share some of these exciting moments through the eyes of our kids.  Ultimately, that’s the whole point.  Enjoy it as much as we possibly can and take as much of it in as we can.  Sure there will likely be some tough patches, but the overall magic of your first trip to Disneyland?  Nothing can replace it…

Anyway, who could resist constantly finding your kids like this….animated…happy…and talking non-stop about riding “Peter Pan” and eating mouse-shaped ice-cream?

IMG_0252    IMG_0253
IMG_0256   IMG_0265
IMG_0271    IMG_0275


Kayce said...

K and Q are going to have an amazing time!!! Jenny loved every nano second of our trip there in November! Have a blast!!

Catherine said...

Yay for Disney countdown!! What fun! Hannah is already talking about our next trip even though it isn't until August!

Pricess pj's? Go for it! You'll see many sweet kiddos dressed up in everything from mucho bucko Disney dresses to Walmart knock-offs to...pj's!

I have a couple of Tips and Tricks documents that I've created for Walt Disney World. I'm not sure how much is transferrable to DL but you're welcome to them if you wish.

How many more sleeps??

Leggio said...

How fun!!!!! We love Disney. We just got back from Disney World and I grew up in Cali and we spent every Thanksgiving at Disneyland. Love It!!!!! Enjoy!!!!!!!! We are headed to China on March 15th to get our precous Mia. We are so excited!!!!!!!!

Nancy said...

The excitement and anticipation is half the fun!!!