March 31, 2012

2 Challenge Updates and Where Have I Been?

First let’s talk about the challenges – then we’ll chat a bit about where I’ve been:
31 Days - Bad Habit
So March’s Challenge was a private challenge of sorts – put out there for those who wanted to kick a bad or  ugly habit.  At least to challenge yourself to try, right?  And my intention was to set the challenge up, start it off, and leave it alone.  I really didn’t want to badger away all month about it, because for some of you it was personal and private.  Some of you wrote to me to share the habit you were attempting to kick (wow!  tough stuff!) and some of you chose to blog about it.  Meanwhile, I have a confession to make.  Remember what mine was?  Not bite the nails?  Yeah.  Here’s my transparent report of how that went:  all I can say is, don’t choose to kick your nervous habit in the month where you have a major family trip, two flights, and lots of stress.  Yeah.  That’s not the month to do that.  So, it went terrible.  I would not even be aware of what I was doing until it was much too late and then I was yelling at myself “what are you doing!  STOP!!”  Sigh….forgive?  I was terrible at my own challenge.  I’m happy to say that I’ve read some of your success stories and I’m not only impressed, but overjoyed at your results.  Well done, friends!

If you’d like to participate in April’s Challenge – you can read all about that HERE.  But here’s the gist: (oh yeah…it’s a good un’)

Purge - April - PNG

Soooooo, maybe because it’s Spring and I’ve been feeling the need to purge, or maybe because a recent trip up to the attic left me SHOCKED at the mess and clutter that has accumulated up there in the past 9 years.  Regardless, almost everyone can use a good purge session and we’re going to use the month of April to make it happen with purpose.  You can e-mail me or sign up in the comments.  I want some bloggers to show through pictures their progress – you up for it?

April's 30 Days of Spring Cleaning STARTS TOMORROW!  (No foolin'!)

Moving on…

So It’s been a while, eh?  We haven’t chatted in, I don’t know…at least a couple months – am I right?  Here’s the thing: I’m not sure what the dealio is with me, but I’m kinda burnt out.  (were you kinda picking that up what with my whole 6 posts in March?) Between work, the kids, church commitments, friends, and life in general – I just never seem to find the time that I need to sit down and blog my heart out.  Don’t get me wrong – I have SO MANY topics and issues and thoughts steamrolling through my head day in and day out – but I just never get enough consecutive time together to actually get them outta there and on the web.  And frankly, I’m sad about it.  It bums me out – because we used to “chat” more often, you and I.  And I used to vent all my junk and you’d show up and read it and that would be our thing.  Right?  And now it’s like “here’s yer challenge…hit the road”.  Well, I don’t say that.  And I’m certainly not thinking it.  But it sorta feels like that anyway. 

So there’s that.

And life is insane right now.  That’s what I think.  Insane.  Our summer is shaping up to be quite full as well with lots of fun stuff planned.  All good things.  Still, I can’t help but feel a little whiplash about the pace our life is taking.  My kids are growing before my eyes.  (whole nother’ mother sob story)  That whole “you will blink and they will not be babies anymore” – that’s for real, people.  For realz. 

This one?  This cutie-patootie Missy Lou-Lou Princess Princess? 
The one who keeps us laughing all the time with her girlie antics?
Yeah…she’s turning 3 in two months.  What the?


How does this happen? 
Do you remember when she looked like this?

I don’t!  I mean, I do….but BARELY.   Do you ever see pictures of your babies and think to yourself “I can’t even remember you like that”. 
Scares me to death!   Am I really going to forget all of this amazing toddler cuteness? 
Don’t tell me.  I can’t bear it!  There is not enough video in the free-world to capture it and savor it as it really is. 
Woe is me!!

Meanwhile, remember this little guy?


Yeah, not so little anymore. 


And his smile would melt your very self down to a puddle of GOOP on the floor.
Take it from one who lives as a pile of GOOP most days.  And you can’t listen to AB either – he’s King of the Goops. 
Total lost cause of the Goopies.

So you see my dilemma.  I’m absorbed in watching my babies grow right on up and I don’t want to miss a minute of it.  I have a feeling I’m going to long desperately for these days before I can blink.  Will you pardon my sometimes weekly absences?  I promise not to leave you hanging high and dry.  I just need some space occasionally to savor every minute of these all too short years with the littles…


Mrs. Goop


Anne said...

I totally understand! I just registered by baby for Kindergarten!! How did that happen???

Kim said...

I truly can't believe how fast they have grown... LOVE those cute little faces...
love ya girly..

Leggio said...

Totally understand........thought about stooping blotting because I don't want to be distracted from my kiddos. We r home from China with our daughter. The boys love her. We met a couple who adopted from Ethiopia they were in China with us adopting there daughter.

Emy said...

Wow!! They are getting so big! I'm so thankful I stumbled onto your blog again, don't know how I missed it in the first place, but it was fun catching up! :o)