March 1, 2012

31 Days to Kick a Bad Habit

So first of all – do you like my “new look”?!?!  I guess you can tell where we’re headed this month!  Whooooo hoooo!  This will be our first time as family to go, and I’m here to tell you now:  this has been a dream of mine for years and years.  You just have no idea.  To grow up in California myself, and to visit Disneyland – it was just such a big part of my childhood.  Some of my happiest memories for sure.  So you can imagine how I feel about sharing that experience with my two sweeties.   We’re beyond excited – that just doesn’t even cover it.  All you “been there, done that” people who have taken young children – feel free to leave your tips for survival and fun in my comments!

As a gift from a dear friend, we’ve had a little countdown calendar on the kitchen counter for over a month and it’s been so fun to have it and to have a visual of how fast our special departure day is arriving!  Isn’t it just darling!?
(This is an old pic – our departure day is a secret!  Shhh….) 

IMG_9878 - sml

Meanwhile – let’s not forget that today marks the first day in our new challenge “31 Day to KICK a Bad Habit”.  I know this is difficult.  If bad habits were easy to break – we’d all be bad habit free, eh?  Instead, all of us struggle with one thing or another – so you are not alone.  If you need a recap of what the challenge entails, read THIS POST.

Otherwise, just commit to drop a bad habit – cold turkey – for the month of March.  You can talk about it on your blog, you can comment here, you can e-mail me, or you can totally keep it to yourself.  But I would suggest letting at least one person in on your challenge, so you can have an accountability partner.  Just my $.02.  Much easier to accomplish that way…

So here’s mine – and I’m skipping the details.  Nail biting.  Ugly, ugly, nasty habit.  Hate it.  But I’ve struggled with it since 1st grade.  Yes, that long.  That’s like 231 years in Dog Years.  Ugh.  I have had very little success in trying to kick it.  Did you know it has a name?  Onychophagia.  Ugly name for an ugly habit.  So I’m not posting pics – yuck – or whatever.  I’m just going to do my best to KICK it!  I’ll talk about it – I’ll post about it….I’ll attempt to understand why the heck it’s so hard to kick.  And maybe – 31 days of finding something else to do with my nervous hands will find me on the other side of this challenge with a spray of colors on my nails?  Who knows. 

If you want to take part in the challenge on your blog – be sure to grab the image below and link it back to Bushel & A Peck!  (oh, and let me know in the comments so I can brag about ya on the blog!)

31 Days - Bad Habit


Jen said...

Perhaps some gum could help you with your habit?

We would LOVE to take our kids to Disney! We have been before we had kids and love, love, loved it!

My best suggestion to you is to buy some glow sticks from the $ store before you go. During the parade there are a ton of street vendors selling very expensive light up gear and bringing your own inexpensive stuff (glow neclaces, braclets or light up pins) will save you some $. We also froze water bottles & juice boxes in the hotel and then brought them into the park with us to save us from having to buy drinks all day long. All that walking makes you thirsty! :) & definitely bring a stroller or a wagon along. Even as an adult, my legs were tired!

Have a blast! Looking forward to hearing all about it!

Anna said...

Fun!! Get a lanyard with a pouch for the kids to wear and put your names and cell numbers in the pouch just in case. Our Kyle was a runner at 4 years old so we needed a backup.

Also, get an autograph book and pen before you go to the park. It's a big thing to get the character's autographs.

Have a ball!

Tracey said...

UGH, I have a similar nasty habit. I pick at and bite my cuticles. When I was in high school I actually got both index fingers infected and had to have the nails removed!! And, yes, I still do it. The only thing that has helped me to stop is when I was getting my nails done regularly but I quit doing that because of the cost. I am going to commit to stop that this month. I'll let you know how it goes.
Disney tips: Take some snacks or stop at the grocery store before you head to the hotel. We got little boxes of cereal and pop tarts and that way the kids could have something in the morning and could hold out for a big Brunch. Which meant that we didn't have to buy multiple meals in the parks. Definitely get the dining plan if you are staying on property. Instead of hauling a stroller rent one there. They have the big ones that fit 2 kids. You can pay for the rental for your entire stay when you first get there and then just pick up and drop off every time you go in and out of the park. It makes things sooo much easier.

The Gang's Momma! said...

Good for you!!!! I had to kick that particular habit in high school, when the father of one of my 3 year old Sunday School class students asked me to stop doing it in front of the kids. His son was picking up my bad habit! Having been there, I totally know how awful it is and how hard it is to quit. So, I will pray for you this month! Thanks for sharing yourself so honestly!

crazy said...

Hi, Christie - Ann C from TN. Ditto on what Jen said above....Sometimes Wal-Greens carries the laser light spinners (mini version) for $2-$3. Freezing the drinks is a is a backback to keep your stuff in. I found some cheap bottle cozies at the Dollar Tree which also helps keep the drinks cool. I'm sad that our Spring Break didn't coincide with yours...Emmaleigh and Amelia would have had a blast...we've done Disney World tons, but would love to see Disneyland and some of our travel families!! Don't stress out, but hang on to those kiddies.

liasmomma said...

This is my favorite of all your blog designs!!