April 16, 2011


The first week of Quint’s new beginning is under our belts and I am so filled with gratitude for the outpouring of love I received after my last post.  What a tremendous flow of support and encouragement – love and “been there/done that” boosts of confidence.  We have truly been blessed by it.  Thank you to those of you who took the time to send an e-mail or note to me.  I was so touched and read and re-read every word.

1st Day of School Here comes the bus Brave Boy

I am so anxious to see the good things that will come from Quint’s new school experience.  Already – yes, after just a few days – we were able to recite the days of the week with each other.  This is HUGE here.  And no, he didn’t have them memorized – but a large part of Quint’s struggle is even in repeating what you say.  He was able to repeat them back to me with little to no struggle.  We were blown away!  I knew they were working on it at school – but Hello!  That’s what I call short-order speech therapy!

IMG_1731 So little - So big IMG_1738
IMG_1745 - Bye Baby!

I am so encouraged, friends.  This has been the longest trial for us.  We have all been so heavy in our hearts carrying the burden of this unknown and I have renewed hope that we are going to see such a change in our boy.  We are literally praising God for the opportunity Quint has to attend this school. 

IMG_1749 - Getting his Locker IMG_1752 - A little scared

I know he was unsure the first day.  And the second day he was still a little scared.  But by the third day, he cheered when he saw the bus coming up the street to our house.  That’s my baby!  Before he got on the bus I reminded him to be obedient for his teachers, and to be a friend to someone who didn’t have anyone to play with.  He smiled and said “me will!”

IMG_1773 IMG_1775

It’s been a challenge to say good-by to naptime.  He’s only 3, after all.  But his bus staff is great!  He’s in a five-point harness and falls asleep every day on the way home from school.  It leaves him a little bit groggy and serious when he gets home – but I’m just glad he’s getting 30 minutes in!

All in all – it was a great week for Quint.  We are truly encouraged!  I know as soon as we get the "new schedule” down – it will be Summer and time to go La Cabin!  What a great reward for all of his hard work!

Love to all for lifting us up this week ~ we’re gonna be great, one day at a time…