February 15, 2011

On Being Missed

My husband, a very busy – hurried – relentlessly overworked man, frowned at me from across the Valentines dinner we were sharing.  A stolen moment that up until even then, we had not been sure would happen. 

“It’s a sad day when you’re too busy to write on your blog”.  He made a frowny face.  I smiled.  “really?  what do you mean?” I probed. 

“Well, it’s just you haven’t written any of your posts…you know what I mean…the long ones that get everyone in the gut.  It’s been a while.  Lots of pictures, and those are good…but…I miss your writing…a lot.”  I was flattered – truly.

And I guess he’s right.   I haven’t written a whole lot lately.  Not that I don’t have thoughts about this or that, or long posts about some dramatic thing or another swirling around in my head – I do!  I just lack the time and effort it takes for me to get them out.  My only free time is at night.  Usually, late.  So it comes down to this: Sleep or blog.  Sleep or blog.  What would you do? 

I’m trying out a new normal – which includes a blooming Blog Design business (woot woot!) and a return to work (thankfully and once again, from my home).  It also includes a very busy husband who cannot be home as often as either of us would like (you can figure out how fun that is after several days - alone with two children...who I sometimes feel could eat me alive and no one would notice...like a crazy lady with too many cats....but I digress)  I have a husband who could likely sleep for weeks straight if left uninterrupted (bless him).  But for the children who are the self-appointed Sleep Deprivation Duo.  But for the children we could both sleep for weeks.  Like mummies in a tomb. Mummies, I tell you.  Asleep mummies who don't speak.  Just lay there.  Wrapped up.  Sleeping....(sigh)


{lost in thought about sleep now...can you ever have too much sleep?  I don't really think so.  I'm tired just thinking about it.  Does the mummification involve chocolate?  Some sort of chocolate layer on the inside that I can sort of eat my way out, if necessary?  I could totally be on board with that, or whatever.}

ahem.  Ok.

So yes, lots to tell and say and write about.  No time.  And – oh, the children.  So much to say there too.  So many fun things to share.  They are wonderful and a mess – all in the same breath. 

I’m sorry.  Sorry if I have fallen back a little on the writing.  Sorry for my lackluster blogging lately.  It happens a couple times a year, I’ve noticed.  Just some apathy that usually clears up when life settles down after changes set in.  We’ve had some changes - that's for sure - and so I’m waiting for the wind to die down.  It’s coming…I can feel it…stay with me!

Meanwhile, can you stand this Risky Business boy?  This is not staged people.  I can’t make this stuff up.  He came out, did a little dance, turned on his heel and retreated to the bedroom.  But not before I got me some LOVE shots.


**ALSO – big time public apology to my parents for missing the video Valentines Day call.  {smacks forehead for 100th time} – I’m still upset about it.  Forgive me?  We love you and the gifts.  More to come on all the Valentines Day love…


Valerie said...

Please don't add another drop to the pressure cooker that is your life. You are an almost constant updater with both pictres and words.

If you have to choose between blogging or sleep...please choose sleep.

You have written some amazing posts that warrant multiple re-reads. I'll take your quality over quntity any day.

Speaking of quantitiy, I only strive to update or post monthly and I can't even achieve that at times.

Thou shalt not judge thyself too harshly, sayeth me and the Lord.


Love V

Alyson said...

I can relate to life being "crazy time" as I call it.