January 31, 2011

Mr. Puppy & Miss Kitty

So Mr. Q was invited to a birthday party, wherein he was treated to his very first Build-A-Bear experience.  And at first I was all “yay” and “wow” and “isn’t this fun” – and then he was all “ack” and “whaaaaaa” and “me have cake”.  So yeah.  It was kind of wrought with tantrums and being too tired from not getting a nap and being hungry and then only eating cake and ice-cream.  So, that part  - was the not so fun Build-A-Bear adventure. 

However, after selecting, adding a heart, and “building” Mr. Puppy and then fully clothing him (people, he has underwear…let that soak in for a minute) and puppy size black high-top wannabe Converse…(sigh) Quint came to an earth-shattering stand-still.  What about “sissy”?  She had to have one too.  She had to.  I mean, we were not leaving that store without SOMETHING for her.  He was convinced.  And the more I thought about it, I realized it was a bit unfair to go home with fully clothed adorable Mr. Puppy – and nothing for little sister to hold on to.  And she’s a lover.  I mean, this girl LIVES for her stuffed animals and lovies.  I could already see the fighting and vying for Mr. Puppy and my arms moved faster than a jack-rabbit to comply. 

And so that is how Miss Kitty came to be Keira’s.  Not as fully-clothed Miss Kitty.  No shoes.  Just jammies.  No undies.  (really?  underwears for stuffed animals?)  Ok. 

So here’s the bottom line.  Mr. Puppy and Miss Kitty are like, MAJOR over here.  Like, carry everywhere you go…sleep with, call for, sit with, ride in the car unless Mom says “nada’ – major.  So despite feeling how deeply effective the marketing strategy of Build-A-Bear is (cough)….{underwear!?} – they do have an audience.  A rapt one.  Just see for yourself…





Mom and Dad?  Send Build-A-Bear clothes.  We apparently need to have outfits.  One is not enough.  Apparently.  (We need to keep Mr. Puppy in clean underwear, and let’s face it – Miss Kitty is all like, commando going on a week now. Girlfriend needs some chonies.)


Shannon said...

How sweet! What a nice big brother!

Alyson said...

Aww how fun! My daughter had that birthday party last year. Yeeeah...it can get a little crazy with all of the options! Where do you draw the line? lol...we are all suckers!

crazy said...

OMG...how sweet that Quint thought of his Sissy!!

Valerie said...

Is Quint that considerate or a genius at figuring out how to keep sissie's mits off of his stuff?

We did that for the kids last X-mas, and not only EXPENSIVE, but the love was not running so true or deep on this end.

Fickle is the love of toddlers.


Kim said...

Love the photos..
the kids are toooo dang cute..
Have a great week

Cate said...

The Miss Kitty going commando almost pushed me over the edge. Too funny!

Briana's Mom said...

Funny stuff! Cute pics! We have the same Miss Kitty in our house. Unfortunately, she is commando as well. :D

The Gang's Momma! said...

I love that place. I think it is ridiculously over-priced and over indulgent, but I love that place. Took Miss LadyBug there with her BFF and that is the SAME exact puppy that they both made. But with decidedly more feminine accessories. Cuz she was a girl puppy. MISS Puppy to you. :)