January 10, 2011

Texas Weather

Most people think of Texas as Hot.  Humid.  Miserable.  Dry.  Flat. Tumbleweeds. 

I disagree, but only because we have lived here quite happily for over seven years.  I might have been one of those people looking out the car window as we drove into town, looking around for ranches, dudes, and people chewing on the end of a piece of hay.  Maybe.  I was to be disappointed in that.  There were no such things where we moved.  Only lovely suburbia (if that’s your thing).  And it’s mine.  I love having a Chipotle, Target Great-Land, and Carter’s all within arms reach.  I’m just sayin.

But there are many wonderful things about where we live, not the least of which is fun, predictable hot summers wherein you can slather sunscreen on and jump in a deliciously refreshing pool or eating watermelon and gallivanting about in flip-flops for several months.  On the other hand?

I really, really love having all four seasons.  And we get that too…and I never had that before we moved here – California native and all.  Summers weren’t quite hot enough or long enough, and Winter was never more than a lot of rain and maybe some iced over windshields.  Enough to be miserable, but no added fun.

Texas.  I heart you.  That’s the bottom line.  And the beauty of this?  It will be gone in a few days.  And life returns to normal.  No shoveling.  No being snowed in.  No interruption to life.  Just fun…for just long enough. 


Keira - 1st Snow



Mom said...

Loved seeing my sweeties. How lucky they are, but I miss them soooo much!!!

Anonymous said...

i can not believe how very much q looks like his daddy. What a great Heavenly Father we have , who would put your family together in such a unique way! may all your blessings be big, and your surprises happy! i love reading your blog. blessings, mrs.k.

Valerie said...

As a fellow native Californian, and a transplant to Texas, I must say the occasiona snowfall is very special. Just enough to whet the desire to see some cold stuff, but it never overstays it's welcome.

The kids were awed and loving it, and it made snuggling up inside a sweet treat.

Speaking of, your new blog looks marvelous!

Love V

Mom said...

Love the new design Christie!

Emy said...

Wow, I really didn't think you guys got THAT kind of snow down there. :o)

Love seeing baby girl in her big bro's hand-me-downs, in the snow pics and on the side bar. CUTE! She can totally pull it off! ;o)

GarynSandra said...

I just wanted to tell you that I have been reading and reading your blog and I want to thank you so much for doing it!! We are in the process of putting our dossier together and preparing for the long wait!!! We are adopting from China and it is very refreshing to read something that is real...knowing that every moment will not be perfect and that is ok....life never is! Thanks again and I will definitely keep up with your blog!!
Sandra :)