January 24, 2011

A Year with Keira Joy

I have a whole post in the wings to talk about my sweetheart.  To talk about the last year of her life.  To share with you all that she has accomplished, and all that she has already blossomed into.  To share what she still struggles with and to delight in what she has overcome. 

But I wanted to take at least a moment to celebrate the simple fact that a year has passed with my beauty in my arms.  And to say how much she has changed and grown and developed so wonderfully that it leaves us in awe of her every day.

It was a year on the 18th.  But I’m not holding myself too tightly to precise dates for the blogging.  It’s been 12 months since we started learning to be mother and daughter.  And I’ve got two things that stand out the most…

She was just as much my daughter then, as she is today – 
trials, heartache, pain, and resounding Joy
My love for her grows deeper by the hour

IMG_0660-rev glamour

And, she’s just as stunningly beautiful to me now, as she was then
and will be tomorrow and for all of her days


The rest to come…


Kim said...

Can't wait to read more.
Love ya

frogglet said...

wow, I can't believe it has been a year. Keira is one beautiful girl! The transformation from baby to toddler is amazing.

Love from China, Cora

Shannon said...

People keep telling me "Spicy" girls are the most beautiful. I believe they are right!

Alyson said...

She's so precious...I haven't visited your page in quite some time. I can't wait for the rest of the update! I like to learn and hear stories as much as I can as we await our little girl.

Ani said...

She is so precious! Has it only been a year?

Renea Lynch said...

Me too.... I come and go blog stalking! I've got so many loves I can't hit them all everyday, with every update but I gotta say Keira Joy has certainly grown and she is still just as flippin cute as she was from day one!!!! Oh what a beauty! Congratulations Momma!

Kayce said...

What a beauty! An amazing year for so many of us!! Happy 365!

Unknown said...

so glad to have figured out google reader..beautiful post and I have loved catching up