May 26, 2010

Be Still My Heart

I've had a hard week...month...year....whatever, it's been hard. 

And yesterday, after yet another difficult 24 hours, wherein after dinner I slumped against my good man and let my burdens drain down to the ground for just a moment...

after I confessed to him that I knew full-well that I was not easy to live with all the time (cuz, you know...he didn't already know that or anything...cuz...yeah)

after I stood trying to swallow my pride and just come out with it...

I said it.

"You know what I appreciate so much about you?  That you love me as Christ loved the church...flawed, imperfect, always falling down...but you love me anyway just as I am.  You pick me up when I'm down.  You encourage me.  You build me up.  You love me exactly as I matter what.  Even when I'm being ugly.  When I'm completely irrational.  When I'm stubborn.  You still love me...with the exact kind of love the Bible instructed you to as a husband...and I so need that kind of love in my life.  So thank you"

To which he just chuckled, kissed me on the tip of my nose and said "you're welcome...and I matter what"

And I believe him

And so that's where this important post comes into play.  Because that right there is truly enough to make many a woman swoon.  Many.

But ya'll...he didn't stop there.

For years...years....and more years...I've wanted a bike.  I love to ride a bike.  I love the wind, the motion...just all of it.

But I don't and haven't had a bike since I was a child.  Sad, but true.

And you know what?

I got a big, honking surprise this week from that good man: I got a gift card for a nominal amount that read "To get the basket you wanted" which I was in shock and realized that the only "basket" I had asked for recently, was one that could strap on nicely to a lovely bike that I had been coveting.  So what do I need with a little wicker bike basket if I don't have a....if I don't...if I....OH MY GAWD...NO...REALLY?  REALLY?  SERIOUSLY?????

Friends, Behold Her:

Do us both a favor and click on that picture so you can see her up close...

Cant. Stop. Staring.

She's a Huffy Cranbrook Comfort Cruiser in Vintage Mint Green (only the Vintage part is in description only, because she's brand spanking new).  Oh, my heart.

I had a pink Huffy as a child.  Put oh so many miles on that Pink Huffy and many a treasure in the little white basket my Dad had lovingly attached to the front of it.  Yes, I did.

And I might have been hinting off and on for some, I don't know, ten years or so (totally not counting, ahem) about how much I would love a bike.  Just for me.

A comfortable, lovely cruiser...that's what I wanted. 

So after I was done screaming and jumping up and down and scaring the dog, kids, neighbors, etc. that good man of mine chimed in...

"You work so hard every day.  You deserve something that's just for you...that makes you happy"


So now I need a really, really good name for Hyacinth...Margaret, Betty, or Virginia...

And I'm already shopping around for a darling wicker basket to sit on the front and hold my...well...hold my treasures in its wickery goodness.

Oh help.  I'm in love.

In LOVE with that mint green vintagey bliss of a bike and with my good, good man

who loves me

Oh yes, he does...


Emily said...

Oh Oh Oh! Name her Daisy! Like "Daisy, Daisy, give me your do.... We don't need a stylish carriage, I can't afford a carriage.... But you'll look sweet upon the seat of a bicycle built for two." I LOVE YOUR BIKE!

Holly said...

Well first of all let's get my jealousy out of the way! (not for the bike, but for the BFF hubby at in he lives with you and not away in Iraq, Afghanistan or freaking Arizona/Mexican border for nine months at a time!) Okay, I feel better now.
I vote you name your lovely new bike friend Harley. ha ha.
okay, how about Carolina?
You could start pedaling your way...just sayin :)

The Mali Chronicles said...


Jill said...

Oh how fun and how awesome is he????!! I am a bit jealous! Enjoy babe! You deserve it!
(I vote for Viv!)

Lisa said...

Very cool. It reminds me of the Schwinn I got for my 8th birthday. Enjoy the wind in your hair!!

Emy said...

It's totally a Betty! Love it!

Briana's Mom said...

You've got a great hubby there. Your a lucky, lucky girl! :)

There are some great ideas for names already. How about Savannah or Lily?

The Gang's Momma! said...

Ahhhh. DOR. Ahhhhh. BUL. Just adorable.

Both the bike AND the man.

And I vote for Daisy. It fits.

And almost makes me want to take my bike down and pedal around my neighborhood. Once it stops raining, rumbling, and flashing to beat the band, that is.

Anonymous said...

Posey? Adelaide? Sister Mary Margaret!

Sweet, Jesus, she is a beauty!

Enjoy the bike and the hubs!!!

Anonymous said...

That is the coolest bike ever. Have fun! p.s. I might have had the same pink huffy. Mine had 'powder puff #1' on the front plate..ha! The memories... :) ~Holly

Valerie said...

I had no idea you yearned for wheels which moved under the power of your own musculature manipuations!

What a fine man you have in your corner.

I submit for your consideration Edith or Ellie Mae.

I will give you my phone number to put in your whicker basket to phone me when you realize you have ventured out too far and are in need of a vehicle escort back home.

Long may you ride Ellie Mae.

Kelly & Todd said...

Awesome Husband - Awesome Bike. I can't wait to see you standing next to her with the basket attached. What a fun summer you are going to have riding and cruising the block. Enjoy!

-- kelly :-)