May 29, 2010

On making people happy...

We visit Sam's Club often.  It's where we buy our diapers and wipes, and a slew of other items (and by the Sam's diapers).  Anyway...

We also visit the Sam's Club snack counter frequently while shopping there.  Because, you can get a big soft pretzel for like $.80 or something ridiculous...and they're super to die for.  
There's an older man who works there.  A very nice Indian man ( I know this because he told me "I am from India").  He is almost always behind the register and almost always takes our order.  

Lately, he had been smiling more and more at the kids and I.  Pointing to them, making baby talk, smiling at me, offering me extra cups for them, giving us a little bit bigger pizza slices, whatever.  Just here and there, I noticed.

Then finally on our most recent trip, he smiled big as he watched me approach with the kids in the cart...and he spoke...  

"I remember you, how are you?"

Fine, I told him.  Just fine.  And then asked how he was.

"I know what you did and it makes me so happy" he said, as he took my cash and placed it into the register drawer.  He then clasped his hands to his heart.

"I'm from India.  In India I am helping with this too.  But not here.  But I know what you have done and I am very happy.  So happy."

I smiled, but wasn't sure what he was getting at.  He pointed to the kids, greedily chomping away on their soft pretzel...chugging away at their lemonaide.  

"So happy.  It...I must let me buy your food next time you come.  You must.  I will not hear of it.  It would make me happy.  It is my way to give to you back for what you did, ok?  You must let me.  It will make me happy to buy the food for you.  You must let me.  Ok?"

He was happy I had adopted the children.
It blessed him.  

It touched his heart.

He works full-time six days a week at Sam's Club serving soft pretzels and pizza by the slice.  And he wants to buy my kids their next snack.

Because when he lived in India, he supported and volunteered in local orphanages.
And seeing my kids makes him happy.

And it reminds me that there are some things about being the mother of two adopted children that I could have never, ever predicted.


Jodi said...

Just beautiful! What a sweet man!
Once we step foot into an orphanage - you never step away the same!

I want to see your Family Values Canvas! I can't wait to get our started!

Kim said...

I love those smiles and they make me smile everytime I come to visit your blog..
You keep me going girly..

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is making me smile. How wonderful!

This sure puts a different spin on people out in public recognizing you as an adoptive family!

JonesEthiopia said...

Great post... What an amazing story.

Valerie said...

I know this man, and he has been equally outgoing and kind when we see him.

He seems to genuinely love children and now I understand why.

He seems to have sunshine in his soul, how sweet you are to acknowledge him.

Love V

Briana's Mom said...

What a nice and sweet man! He seems to have an amazing heart. What a heartwarming story!

Stacey said...

I too have had the good fortune to see this man and it makes me sit up and take note that God has a much bigger plan than I understand and in moments like that I catch a glimpse of His greater love at work. Thanks for sharing!!

meme said...

It makes us all happy !!!
From your Kentucky Friend Linda