June 30, 2009

Tutus and Pettiskirts

Oh, it's such a girl thing - who are we kidding?!? And here's my shameless promotional plug for my dear friend Desiree - who owns a fab-o kids online store called Princess and Pirates. Click the link to check it out - but let's focus ladies, shall we?

Behold only a very small handful of the fu-fu tutu goodness that could be yours. Gasp!

How to choose?!?! You should see the orange and pink one. Oh, or the black and hot pink one...omg! To.Die. For.

If not for professional kiddo pictures you could take (or have taken), then at least for playing dress up, or party-going, or...maybe for dinner with Daddy? I don't know...there's got to be multiple reasons to own one of these. Or two. I'm just sayin...

Stop over and visit Des and her cute little corner of the world at P & P and you can see what I'm jabberin' about....so freaking cute! Me likey...me likey a lot!

Get em' while their hot, people!

Have fun, shopper gals!


Erin Sager said...

so cute

Pug Mama said...

can those outfits get any cuter?

frogglet said...

How cute and even though I am on a "no more girly stuff" hiatus. I am going to check them out.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I especially LOVE the orange and pink one! ~Holly