June 20, 2009


we're going to take an impromptu mini-vacation.

we know a friend who knows a friend who has a fully furnished but lovely rustic family cabin in the Ozarks.

she's generously offered to let us stay in the cabin this week, and so we're going to take her up on it.

this will be a wonderful time for us and a lovely opportunity to get away and relax for several days.

we leave tomorrow and return thursday. and to extend my blog-absence slightly longer, there is no internet at the cabin. while this is great for us - it does put me further out on an updated post. but i think you're all ok with that. the comments have been nothing but supportive of my self-imposed silence.

for those worried - i can put your mind at ease. there is nothing wrong that cannot be fixed. nothing broken that is not repairable. nothing lost that can't be found. and of course, i speak to my own heartache, sadness, and a good case of the the "blahs". i can already feel some of that lifting slightly. sometimes it just takes lots of reflection and a good support system - of which I have the very best friends and family - and the world's best husband!

i do wish that i could blog on tuesday to say how perplexed/sad/angry/p.o'd/etc. i am going to be when jon and freaking kate announce they are divorcing during their 1-hour special monday night. that is going to send me into a rant. when you have eight little kids - you better dang well work it out. you don't just quit. life sucks. it's hard. you still have a choice to make it work. when you go gallivanting around the country to church after church speaking about how you live the christian lifestyle - you better darn well show that by how you live and the choices you make. i swear. they are teetering so close to losing all respect - they really need to close the shop, fix their broken family, and move on - for the sake of those kids. omg. what about the kids?!?! beh! double beh!

meanwhile - i would be remiss to fail to mention two more things:

Happy Father's Day to my dear old dad - who is presently still in the hospital, recovering from his last surgery two weeks ago. I love you, Dad! I wish we could be together to celebrate. Get well soon and get home - can't wait to see you again. When is that gonna be exactly?!? XO

And, Happy Father's Day to my sweetie. This is his second time getting to partake of the daddy celebration - and I'm so proud of him - he's the best Daddy to our boy. Quint is so lucky to have you, babe!

until next week, then - eh? take care and be well...


frogglet said...

Take care and truly enjoy your time away. You deserve it. It is good to get away all together and recharge the family.


Kim said...

Have a Great time...
You deserve to take a break.. you will have another little one running around in a few months..
Love the photos of Quint .. he is such a cutie..
Happy Father's Day to your DH...

Kayce said...

Enjoy the time at the cabin, it will be wonderful for all of you I'm sure. Happy Father's Day Anton!

Eloise said...

Have a wonderful, much-deserved respite! Hope your spirits are lifted soon.


Anonymous said...

Have a great vacation!! ~Holly

4D said...


Keep smilin!

S.Wise said...

Hey lady!
I hope your vacation was wonderful, and I hope your spirits have been lifted.