June 26, 2009

Couple who just renewed their vows and said they'd never divorce, said what?!?!

Ok - preface: I will post about the trip we took, the absence, the latest, etc. Standby. Need some time on that one.

But after coming back from said trip, I sat my bo-hiney down on the couch to see what I missed on Monday. What the big "announcement" was. What the fuss would be.

Say what?!?!?

Anton and I were speechless. Almost depressed.

Anton walked out of the room with a scoff and muttered "so selfish".

I wanted to write the network, wanted to send a fan-mail, wanted to sniffle in my soup...

Instead, I remembered I have this little corner of the world in which I can effectively vent to my heart's content. So this is my random rant of the day.

P.O'd, folks. That's what I am.

Did they not just renew their vows a year ago in front of those EIGHT children and say they would never get divorced - come hell or high-water? WHAT THE FRIG!

When you have EIGHT frigging kids, you better freaking work it out. TALK. Communicate. (Remember K said he won't even talk to her at all - no communication?) Walk through it with professionals who can help you sort it out. Take a breather. Get to know each other again. Remember why you fell in love to begin with. Apply some grace. Apply some forgiveness. Make some changes. Do the work. Think of the dang kids, for crying out loud.

When you are being monumentally selfish and putting yourself first (not your kids, as you pretend to) - that's when you walk away and freaking use the word "excited" like Jon did when he spoke of moving on. Freaking earring in his stupid ear...I wanted to rip it out.

How many times did J say "I have to take care of myself". BS. No, you have to step up and be a man, and take care of your wife (that YOU chose and married) and YOUR eight children - that YOU brought into the world. Sometimes you have to wake up and say that you may not FEEL like loving your spouse today, but you CHOOSE to. It's hard work to be married and have a good marriage. It takes constant care. Constant communication. Constantly putting your spouse first - each living for the other.

How many times did K say "I will put my children first, always". Well guess what? That's your friggin problem, sister. Mom and Dad first. Spouse first. Not kiddos. Take care of Mom and Dad, and kids will follow. How about stop disparaging your husband every opportunity you get - to his face - in front of your children and the rest of the America? Maybe show your kids what love looks like by respecting each other, loving each other, putting each other first. What a valuable and tremendous thing you will teach them about love and marriage.

Selfish. Selfish. Selfish.

They said they don't want to fight in front of the kids. Don't want the kids to see that. Well here's an idea...DON'T then. Learn to communicate. Learn to respect each other. Learn to not emasculate your husband 24/7.

Oh sh!@#!@#$#@% I could go on and on.

I'm so pissed. What a crock of crap. Two selfish people, acting selfishly, to take care of #1. Themselves first. Kids second. Spouse last.

Kate said it - "we're making our kids a statistic". Wow. You sure are, aren't you? And surprisingly, you're going to go through with it anyway. Hmmm...Selfish.


*Please remember this is my personal blog and as such, the opinions expressed here are my own and I am entitled to them. i.e. don't send me hate mail. You're entitled to disagree.


Briana's Mom said...

They are both really pathetic, and K is a pain in the butt. But I really believe that J is cheating on her. I don't believe he wants to fix the marriage at all. He's having a mid-life crisis at 32. He is the lowest of the low...

frogglet said...

It is really sad and what floored me was that neither of them mentioned counseling or even trying to work things out. But I think it has been going on for a really long time and the fighting has been affecting the kids for a while. I really noticed in the episodes that they are not together Maddie seems to be a happier more behaved child. But that is not me being pro-divorce but more pro-stop fighting and get things together.
On a more personal note, my hubby now thinks that renewing your vows is a death sentence for your marriage, and that we said it once that is it, so there goes that trip to Hawaii when we get our reality show :0)
Hope the vacation was good, and you are feeling a bit rejuvenated.

Take Care, Cora

Anonymous said...

You said it sister! This is exactly what my hubby and I said!! If you bring kids into the world.. then you have to step up and work it out!! I know there is some more to this story that isn't being shared. I guess we can read about it in the book....

Hope you had a relaxing family break and are on the sunny side of the world now...

Hang in there
Christy Bailey

Pug Mama said...

I am sorry, but in the case of these two pathetic individuals , you reap what you sow.
Sell your family out, and you crash and burn.

Christy said...

Amen!!!! That is exactly what I have been thinking-- selfish selfish selfish!!! Screw the taking care of myself and step up, grow a sack and take care of your family. This whole thing pisses me off and I can hardly stand it. 8 kids! Makes me sick.

Christy :)

Anonymous said...

I have only watched a couple of episodes about a year ago. Just watching her interact with her husband made me uncomfortable. I certainly am not making excuses for him, but she seems like an impossible person to live with. If the way you described her treatment of him was an ongoing through out their marriage, I imagine he has spent a large portion of it feeling powerless. If it was that bad with the cameras on, what is it like with the cameras turned off? With the infidilites that BOTH are speculated to have participated in, it is evident that their marriage was over a very long time ago. Just from what I am gathering, they both checked out a long time ago and the latter part of the marriage appears to be nothing more than a business arrangement. It certainly takes two to build and maintain a successful marriage, it also takes two to destroy one. I'm surprised about the lack of counseling - at least that we are aware of - to attempt to work on their marital and personal issues. I am on the fence about whether or not they or any couple should stay together for the sake of their children. There is so much literature and studies on the issue from both perspectives. If they are going to choose to end their marriage, for the children's sake, they need to do it responsibly and with maturity. And for goodness sake, deal with each other amicably. Certainly the network and producers of the show and other "reality" tv shows share a certain amount of blame and responsibility. I don't see how we can continue to believe that the renewal of their wedding vows was nothing more than a ploy for publicity and ratings. The bottom line these shows aren't reality and the end result more often than not is heartache and pain. I can't think of one reality show that I've seen that someone hasn't been hurt in some way. Unfortuantely in this case 8 beautiful and innocent children are affected. Just my thoughts. Thanks for letting us share, Christie! You always get us thinking. =)


The Gang's Momma! said...

Yes, to everything you said here. In CAPS. Both my hubby and I both said that we were so sad - like "score one" for the enemy's camp. For crying out loud, when is the madness gonna end? They just keep making crappy choice after crappy choice. I'm with ya. I can't stand the whole big mess.

BUT. I am glad to see you back, and I hope that your time away was refreshing and relaxing. Been thinking of you a lot . . .

Diana said...

I am glad I am not the ONLY person whos J earring made NUTS!!! Personally I think he is wanting to be 18 again and guess what that does not happen when you have 8 kids!!!
Your point on K saying her kids have to come first..I have to say I would have said the same thing as her but you are SO RIGHT. If your spouse comes first and you two are HAPPY the whole house is a happy place!! My husband is laid off (PRAY for a JOB) and I have to say when you argue of all the crap that is going on (can we say to much togetherness:) it upsets the who house.
I think they need to STOP the show and work on their relationship for the sake of THEIR kids!!!
I have been more of a J supporter but I am just as pissed at him as I am at her!!!

4D said...

Morons who are just awful. If you are in trouble...get help. Do not call it quits. Too easy.

I totally agree with all you said.

Keep smilin!

Anna said...

I wondered if J let himself get caught because he wanted to get back at her for treating him like cr@p on tv! Unfortunately the world witnessed the lack of respect quite often.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not defending either of them at all! I just wondered if this was intentional for ratings and revenge.

Just my 2 cents.