November 12, 2008

Update in Pictures (ahem...of the Cutest Baby Ever)

Oh, I'm sorry my friends, but it's just true. He really is the cutest baby to ever walk the planet! What can I tell you? Don't believe me? That's OK. Turns out, I have photographic proof of this claim. Not random blather I tell you - but positive proof that the freaking best boy in the world lives right here in our house. Have no idea how we got so lucky, but what can you do?

Eat. Him. Up. Every. Day. (his little tiny baby toes are the best freaking part - seriously)

Now...onward to the pictorial proof:

1. First we have the charming smiling adorable "overalls" look. Can you stand it?

(Notice the tiny little tennis shoes below? Just barely peaking out from the jeans? Size 2. Wanna eat him up yet? Uh too...)

2. Boy who rides a horse. Now you might think he would be scared? No way. Ride em' little cowboy. He rocks himself. Best boy eva'. Notice the baby toes...scrumdidillyumptuous.

3. Sorry, but I don't know a baby boy who rocks a pair of "footie" jammies better than this little mister. Come on, dawg! Check out those puppy dog feet! Shoot!

4. Helps around the house. Here he is assembling his own birthday gift with some (ok a lot) of help from Daddy. His first wagon! Yaaay son! Best little supervisor ever!

5. Seriously folks - first ride in his wagon. I mean...sniffle...sigh...could he be any cuter? I think not.

6. Ok, even when it got a little chilly and we had to bundle up a little better on said first ride in wagon - is rocking the sweater. The most handsome serious "look off into the sunset baby in a wagon" picture ever!

Oh, now you're just showing off...but I luvs it Mr. Hammy.

7. He gets the "Chillin-est Baby of the Year" award. I mean, come on! How stinking cute! Rollin with the homies... (*shameless "Clueless" reference - couldn't resist)

8. Wagon - Take II. Not to be deterred by the increasingly cold temperatures, we ventured out this morning for our second "jaunt" in the new wagon. This time we had to sport some warmer duds, and boy is tearing up that purple beanie. Ok, it's Keira's...but it was all we had, and he's still ridiculously cute it in.

I mean, check out the completely mismatched outfit - and bears repeating...say it with me....

Cutest Baby Ever.



Anonymous said...

Wonderfully cute pictures, Christie! I do have to say that he is "not" the cutest baby "ever", "I" had the cutest "babies" ever!! If I do say so myself.....but as far as your baby, he is the cutest baby ever!! : )
Love you sweetie!

Unknown said...

just his pics make me smile

Kim said...

Quint is soooo HANDSOME...
Can't get enough of him.
THANKS for the pictures..
Have a Great Week..

Eloise said...

Not only is he the cutest baby ever, he is also the happiest baby ever! You can just see in his beautiful eyes what a joyful spirit he has.

I am going to try to come to Erin's homecoming dinner. I hope it works out so that I can meet you and see this precious child in person!

frogglet said...

If there was a contest Quint would win. I more than agree Cutest Baby Ever!!
Great pics!

Christy said...

Im totally with you on this one. I would have to vote him cutest-- BABY BOY-- ever. Sorry cant be cutest baby becuase Mia takes cutest baby girl but Ill give you cutest baby boy!! He is friggin adorable!! I cant get over how cute he is and that smile-- holy cow-- it is perfect!! Anyway, your pictoral proof was pretty solid-- Ill give you that!!


Christy :)

Anonymous said...

He is definitely cute!!! I am glad you are having so much fun being a parent. We (blog watchers) are having fun peeking in. ;)
I wonder if you are a little nervous about when Keira comes knowing how much work it is now. Double fun!!

Andrea said...

Too dang cute!!

Mona said...

I LOVE your blog. I am currently waiting for a referral for a little girl from Ethiopia and spend my free time stalking other adoptive parent's blogs. :-) I'm adding yours to my favorites.

Mona (

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and I love how much you and your husband love your baby! I have to tell you...I'm pretty much in total agreement with you...he is about the cutest stinkin' baby I have ever seen...those cheeks were made for smoochin'!!
Thanks a little evening happiness, evident by the smile on my face!

S.Wise said...

Hee hee! You guys are the best. Quint is seriously cute.... I love that he smiles so big for the camera!!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! He really is very cute!
We had the same wagon. It was great to wheel around both girls with their juice boxes in the juice box slot. I especially loved the wagon at the zoo. Very handy.
Love you guys!