November 10, 2008

Together at Last

My dear sweet friend Erin was FINALLY united with her daughter Meisey today. The M3 Posse is celebrating!

Go give her a blogger hug - they've waited three and a half long years for this moment and it's finally here!

Erin - my dear - she's BEAUTIFUL!!


Ps - I'm all that's left for the Posse. Come on sweet Keira!! We miss you baby girl!


Kim said...

That is the first place on went this morning was to see her face...
Meisey is tooo cute..
Now bring on Keira Joy..
Cause I am sooo ready for Isabella..
Have a Great Week.

Unknown said...

that is one beautiful picture

Eloise said...

That was my favorite of Erin's wonderful pictures too! She looks positively radiant.

I'm still a novice at the ins and outs of these adoptions for China. What is your timetable now? It seems like your LID isn't that far behind Erin's.

Have a great week. Post some more pictures of that precious boy soon.

S.Wise said...

Ahhh. My heart skips a beat!!! :) Beautiful!!