August 5, 2008

Once again - honesty prevails

Friends - please go over and give my M3 Sista some love on her most recent post


And remember what I've been saying (all those expectant moms out there) - I'm so relived to see TRUTH prevail...

Even when it's hard to believe, the process and the wait are the easier part. Slap me for saying it - but it's like believing that the pregnancy is harder than the post delivery five months of sleeplessness and 3am feedings.

When I see these types of posts, I am filled with relief and also with renewed vigor to help women prepare for what is coming. I just said to myself this morning - you can't know until you do it - but maybe you can be a little more prepared through the journeys of others.

Just maybe...

It's good to know we're not alone. Just normal Moms trying to make it post adoption. (or birth)


Anonymous said...

I hear ya! Just posted (last week) an 'Ugly Truth" rant of my own on my blog. And I appreciate it so much when other moms tell it like it is! Keep it up. :-)

Anonymous said...

I found your blog while surfing ethiopian adoption blogs! I love it, you are so much like me! I have one birth child Will who is almost two, everyone makes fun of me for telling it like it is(pretty hard most days). I feel if people are prepared for the worst they can only be happy when it turns out a little better. I love that youve taken the time to write about your process. We have been talking adoption for a while now. My sister adopted from China last year so we know a little about the process. Really my question is would you reccommend Dove Agency? They used Great Wall and were not thrilled. We are going for an ethiopan adoption so I really want a solid agency! Sorry for the long comment.

Elisa. said...

Going over there now to give her some love and support!

Carrie said...

Parenting is one of the hardest jobs there is. Thanks for your honesty. I'm always afraid that when I talk about the hard parts of being a mom, people will think I'm whining, or ungrateful for the huge blessings I have; it's good to know that other mom's face the same challenges I do.

There is another GREAT post about this here