August 10, 2008

First Surgery

Sorry for the silence - among other hectic things taking place with work, AB's return to school, and two trips I have planned this month - Quint had surgery on Wednesday. We had a corrective procedure done that we had been anticipating taking care of since we returned from Africa. The knowing you're doing it is the easy part. The handing your 9 month old baby over to a nurse and watching him walk through big hospital doors and disappear through the glass - terribly difficult. I cried. Oh yes. I did.

But he was returned to us safe and sound in recovery a little (forever and a day it seemed - but actually very short) while later, and mama got to hold her little man again. He was groggy, a little cranky, and still had an IV in his ankle. His little toe was wrapped with a C02/heart monitor and he was cold. Other than that - he was thirsty and sucked down two small bottles in record time. That and he wanted Mommy. (Flutter, flutter, my heart did...) The nurses playfully argued over who got to hold him pre and post operatively and we admitted that we still have that same struggle at home.

He was given a spinal block of sorts and so he had trouble sitting up and moving around for a bit. Once we were able to leave, he slept soundly in the car all the way home. He's doing just fine and his recovery has been amazing.

Ok - we've been through surgery with our child. Mother checklist number 147. Gulp. Be back with more...


Kim said...

I know how hard it is to see your little guy go into surgery.. it is the same feeling when they get older too..
Glad to hear that Quint's procedure went well..
Hugs girly..
Have a Great Week..
He is soooo cute..
I would be making sure I was the ONLY one holding him if I was his nurse..LOL..

frogglet said...

I can't even imagine what that must be like.
Glad everything turned out well.
Quint is so adorable even when he looks a little sad.
Have a great week!

4D said...

Good to hear that everyone is doing well. What a trooper!

Keep smilin!

Anonymous said...

I've been there too. It's one of the hardest things you'll ever do as a mom. Everything else is cake. Hugs to you.

Young Creations said...

I am so glad to see he is doing well. He is so adorable.

The Gang's Momma! said...

Get better soon little man!

I agree, surgery on these little ones is so hard. Glad he came out of it all well and that you got some good snuggle time in. Not an easy feat at this age when they are so busy and so BOY :)

Stephanie said...

Ohhh. Poor baby & poor Mommy & Daddy. I'm glad you survived the ordeal and I'm happy to see that your little man is back in your arms safe and sound. I hope he recovers quickly.

Anonymous said...

Aaawww. I'm so glad he came through it OK. I would hug you if you hadn't moved to Texas and we hadn't moved to Tulare. I'm hugging you in spirit.

Lots of love,

Anonymous said...

I know how you felt handing him over to the surgery team.
I just went through it w/ my 10 mo. old in May. I have a feeling Quint is a little trooper like my boy.
I wish him an extra speedy recovery!! Also, best wishes to you and your husband. I know how STRESSFUL it was for you. ~Holly

Anonymous said...

Ahhh....what a little soldier.

I'm glad it all turned out ok. At least it was a surgery you decided on and not something out of your hands.

I know how hard it is to watch them in any discomfort.

Looking forward to seeing you all again soon.

Love V

Jennifer said...

I remember the feeling of nausea I had when my son had dental surgery at 2 yrs was an awful and scary feeling....glad your little guy is doing well...

Kayce said...

Oh I remember when my son had a minor surgery, I was a wreak! Glad all is well and recovery is quick.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter if it is a minor procedure or major surgery - if it involves your little ones, it is sooo scary. Glad everything went well and you all came through it ok. ;-)


Dena said...

You've made it through so many momma firsts!

Hope your transition to Anton being back at school is smooth as it can be.