August 19, 2008

I'm off..

I'm off to Orlando for a business trip - it's actually more of a "fun" trip because it's at a beautiful resort (free of charge), we get wined and dined daily, and on Friday I've finagled my way into feeding my lifelong addiction and visiting the Magic Kingdom. Whoo hoo! So excited!

I'm going with friends - so I know it'll be fun. I'm going to miss AB and the little man so much - and I've said a hundred times that I wish they were going too - but alas, not this time. Maybe when we have both kids home and their just a little older.

Meanwhile - I'll try and do some posting from Hurricane Central and let you know if I make it out...(just kidding Mom - don't start panicking - I'll be FINE)

More to come...(did I mention I'm going to Disneyworld?!?!?! Yeeeee HAW!)


frogglet said...

Have fun! WDW is my favorite place even though we have not been since our Honeymoon.

Kim said...

HOW FUN!!!!!
I would love to go ...
Have a blast.. I know you will..

Kayce said...

Oh what fun! Love business trips that involve fun! a great time

Anonymous said...

Have fun! Don't get hurricaned!

Erin said...

I SOOOOO enjoyed hanging with your precious son today. We had a rough time this morning but once we got in the groove, we had a blast. He is so precious and just the sweetest thing imaginable.

Have fun in WDW! Love you!

Robyn said...

Have a wonderful time!! Tell Mickey I am coming to see him very soon!!

Love ya!!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy Mouse Town - How nice to have a little adult time.

I'm Back to Diaper Dunes.

Love V