January 11, 2008

70% Off

I saw so many people in blog world get this China ornament for Christmastime and post about it. I must admit - I wanted to. I really, really wanted to. And I even hoped I might get it for a gift. But alas, nuttin. So when I wandered (ahem...made a bee-line) into Hallmark post Christmas, I found them - both of them - for 70% off. Cost me about $4 each.

Walk don't run people - I can't make this stuff up.


Unknown said...

the China ornament sold out all over Atlanta..Found one on ebay for 3 bucks including shipping..and Hallmark said they would carry them next year so I am hoping to get one..YOu got a great deal! They did have the musical thing with kids around the world 70% off!!!

4D said...

Great deal! I got the China one as a gift so no need for after Xmas searching.

Keep smilin!

Kim said...

Love it..My DH got ours...
It was hard to find one around here..
Love the Africa one..
Have a Great Weekend.