November 30, 2006

Baby, it's cold outside...

First of all - my "little" dog Kaleigh hates thunder. She shakes uncontrollably and cannot be comforted. She has taken to hiding in the bathtub for hours on end - alone and scared. I can't stand it. I would crawl in that bathtub with her, if I didn't think it would freak her out more. SO - I usually just find a warm blanket and put it in there with her. Case in point: last night. A cold front was moving in and a storm was brewing. Sure enough, the temperature dropped substantially and the thunder, lightening, and rain moved in. Needless to say, I found Kaleigh in her spot - shaking like a leaf. Isn't this just so pathetic?!? Gosh I love that pooch!

Meanwhile, I was very right about the cold front. Yesterday afternoon it was 75 degrees.
This morning I looked out my window and saw this:

and this:

which quickly precipitated this for the rest of the day and evening:

Now I know that this is not Midwest snow-storm crazy weather.
But in a place that was 75 degrees yesterday and quite comfortable, it's worth
mentioning that within twelve hours, we went to this.
Let's face it, it's got to get fairly cold for my car to be covered in ice and snowflakes, right?

Later AB came home and was kind enough to make a wonderful meal (per as usual!), which we enjoyed by the aforementioned fireplace. We had such a relaxing and cozy night, it was worth writing about. Hope wherever you are - it's warm and cozy and you're with someone you love!

The constant companions...err...beggars....standby while Dad prepares dinner.


Kelley said...

Oh, poor sweet Kaleigh! I am not a fan of the cold weather, but a cozy fire and yummy dinner sure do make it nice.

4D said...

Brr...looks super cozy at your place.

Poor baby dog...that is so sad that he goes to hide in the tub!

Keep smilin!