August 3, 2006

New York News

OK, so I'm back from the Big Apple and it was a spectacular trip for me. I had such a great time and it was one good day after another with so much to see and do. Of course, I was there on business, so I also had all the required business meetings and dinners, but it was all so enjoyable and well planned. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I have posted a couple pictures here, but you will really need to look HERE at the first post under my Journal for all the good pictures and the whole story. It is worth clicking the link for! Isn't this picture just the perfect shot?!?!

This is my first New York was sooooo good!

and this was my trip to the American Girl Place -
wonderful store that it was...I wanted one of each!

Ok, so that's enough of a teaser...just go and read the full story over here! Don't worry - it's just my other cutsie website for all my family and friends...outside of blogger land.



Jamie said...

Your New York pictures brought back so many memories. Matt and I spent New Year's Eve 2002-2003 there and we stayed at the Waldorf Astoria! It was amazing! We also did the Ellis Island tour and I LOVED it! Central Park is phenomenal...I am so jealous. I can't wait to get back there! Glad you had fun!

Kelley said...

I popped over to your other site and enjoyed your tour! You sure did cram a lot into a few days. I've stayed at the Marriott Marquis several times and at the Waldorf Astoria two or three times. NYC is a city like no other! I'm so glad that you had an awesome time! So, when are you going to start actually WORKING?! LOL!

Donna & Joe said...

I've been to the Manhattan American Girl Store...isn't it great??!! So, did you buy a Bitty Baby for Keira??