August 4, 2006

I Love Scrap-Swapping with Donna!

I love Donna...let me tell you why I love Donna...
Not only do I love her blog, but I love that she and I scrapbook to the beat of the same drummer. And recently, through her blog, I found out about the Ladybug Scrapbook Hunters group and started swapping scrapbook pages with other expectant waiting families. My good fortune has allowed me to get Donna's name twice in the scrap exchange and for her to get my name once, so we have been going back and forth. When I returned from NY, I not only got my layout from her, I also got the above ladybug bear and card. It was such a treat, and as you will see, the pages she made me are FANTASTIC! So, needless to say, though I have never personally met Donna, and though I have never heard her voice...I feel a camaraderie with her and a friendship. And as I told her just today, can you imagine, we would have never crossed paths had it not been for this amazing journey we're on! Perish the thought...
Give your blogger pals a "hug" today and remind them how much you appreciate walking the road with them!

Ok, above is the layout I sent to Donna in June and the theme was "Summer Fun"

As I said, Donna got my name for July, and the theme was "Patriotic Pride". Above is the layout she sent to me. Isn't it wonderful?!?! I love her style. All those embellishments are three dimensional.

And here is the layout I just sent off to Donna for the same swap. You can click each picture to view a larger image.

So, anyhow, I just wanted to share. If you're a scrapbooker and would enjoy the swap, it's a monthly exchange and we get new participants monthly, so it's never too late to join.

Happy Scrapping, and thanks again Donna! You're the best!


Anonymous said...

Christie, you are so sweet and say the nicest things! This journey just wouldn't be the same without bloggy friends like you!

Donna said...

Christie, I don't know how I goofed up and posted as anonymous, but that previous comment is from me. whoops!

Donna :)

Lisa and Tate said...

Donna is a amazing in person.... Love the layout that you did for the summer theme.... I just want to copy it in 12x12.... Any suggestions how to get that "look"???