January 1, 2013


We're celebrating the New Year from the peace and quiet of the Ozarks....life at La Cabin!

I have posts brewing and brewing...but as you can see, I only managed this one.  Pitiful, I tell you! 

The good news is - maybe with all this P & Q, and I can get a few thoughts down...or at least some pictures that convey the beauty we are presently surrounded by.

Until then...here are my New Year's Resolutions in no particular order:

Blog More.

The end.


Big wishes for a wonderful fresh start for all of us!


Debbie said...

I left Facebook in an effort to get back into doing more of the things I enjoy. Blogging and blog reading being a couple of those things.

Will have to get caught up on your blog for sure :-)

Unknown said...

Its been to long since I have been here. Your kids are beautiful and so grown up. Sure hope you remember me from my adoption blog. I also have a personal one as well and I am working on that one as well!! Love your writing, keep it up.

(LynnMarie's mom)