May 7, 2012

Come On Summer!

We had our first swim in the pool this season and I’ll sum it up for you in a word: cold.  Ha!  Yes, it was cold, but we didn’t care.  At least – they didn’t care.  I didn’t get in because I am a chicken and all that…

Keira - Swimming-2

We’ve been talking more and more about our plans for the coming months and I have to say, they are shaping up quite nicely.  We have some really fun trips planned and for the first time, we’re hitting the road with the kiddos.  This makes me ecstatic, because I know it marks the first of what will be many, many road trips over the years.  We’re excited to explore and check out some fun spots on our way to see friends.  We’re looking forward to being together.  We’re looking forward to quality time and adventures.

Quint - Swimming

What are your plans for the summer?  Can you squeeze in a trip somewhere on a budget and make it fun? 

I know for us, sometimes just staying at the Holiday Inn and swimming in the hotel pool at night is an adventure!  Someone else makes the bed, people.  What else is there?

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