February 11, 2012

29 Days of Love–Oma & Opa Style….

29 Days of Love - Final

Well, as I said in my last post – the grandparents are here!  And one of the things I really appreciate and admire about AB’s parents is the way things just GET DONE when they’re here.  If they see a need, they will try to fill it.  If they can help, they will.  If they can repair or build or replace things for us – they don’t even hesitate.  They are do-ers and I can’t tell you how much that means to this particularly tired and overwhelmed mama.  It’s love in the sweetest form for me – the gift of service.  And it’s not an easy one to give because it requires effort and energy and stamina and a willingness to serve  – but it’s such a blessing, isn’t it?  For instance:

Little man will be 5 this year.  First of all – can you even believe that?  Five.  Hello?  How did that happen…  And he’s been in a “race-car” toddler bed, complete with his crib mattress for the past two + years.  But I’m embarrassed to tell you that his feet have been over the end of it for a while, and he has complained that it’s not comfortable for even longer.  Ahem.  And I’ve had the best of intentions at getting that bed replaced – but time has gotten away from me (and resources).   When Oma and Opa showed up yesterday and saw that need – the jumped into action to fix it.  And I mean, within two hours of their arrival….we were out the door shopping beds. 

Oma & Opa purchased a wonderful bed (actually, the perfect bed that matches his furniture) and suddenly he was spending his last night in that awesome race-car bed that more than did its job.   (There’s a car bed under all that blankie!)


But the next day, we didn’t mess around – we got right to the task of putting the awesome purchase together… (and we had lots of excited helpers!)
IMG_0014-rev    IMG_0018-rev

And in no time, we had a very, very happy boy!  (and a relieved and ecstatic Mom and Dad!)


Meanwhile, Baby Girl – who is sadly not a baby anymore and will be THREE in June – (gasp!  How did THAT happen too?!?!) has been potty trained for five months, but still in her crib.  This made nighttime pull-ups a must and accidents a commonplace while in bed at night.  She has never mastered climbing out of the crib, because her crib is set very low.  Oma & Opa said “why don’t we get her a toddler bed while we’re out!”  Remembering the day we put that crib together, made it bittersweet. How the time has flown…

Back when Daddy set it up for the first time….2006
We like this project

And so, within minutes of wishing Quint a good last night in his own bed, 
we were wishing this sweetheart a peaceful sleep for her last night in her crib.  Sniffle…

The next morning, and with many hands making light work, we had a very, very happy girl! 
(and a relieved and ecstatic Mom and Dad!)
  IMG_0042-rev IMG_0038-rev


Not leaving us out, our laundry room is a tight squeeze.  Like, a really tight squeeze – as in “no room at the inn”.  We’ve been making do since we purchased “George and Gracie” a year ago (my amazing, wonderful, awesome washer/dryer combo).  Because of the additional cost, we didn’t purchase the matching “drawer” units that sit underneath the washer and dryer – so expensive.  Instead, Opa used his awesome woodworking skills and built a unit for us…but first we had to do some shifting…


And before I knew it…I was ogling my new setup.  George and Gracie were at eye level (no more stooping!) 
AND there was now a fabulous storage area for all of my laundry baskets!  Sweet!  

People – he put this together in a matter of a couple hours.  I was amazed and totally grateful!


Other projects got tackled as well – like a new light fixture installed for Quint’s room (seeing as how the one that we had was fried and only worked on side – eek!), a whole hallway full of new light fixtures to replace the generic ones that came with the house, and new comforters and bedding for the children (adorable!). 

Here’s my point, that is - besides showing my pure GRATEFULNESS and THANKS to my in-laws.  The point is – they were showing love to us and to the kids, and it was such a wonderful gesture of love that I am still smiling ear to ear about it.  My heart is full up!  It’s not just the purchases – though, goodness knows, it was an incredible blessing.  It’s the act of service for the time it took to pick out, purchase, lug it home, assemble everything, clean up the mess, and enjoy the fruits of it with us.  Every time I walk past Quint’s room, I’m giddy that my big boy now has a big-boy bed to go with his long legs.  I’m so happy that Keira can now use the potty at night and that she loves her bed as much as we do.  I’m thrilled that Quint has an awesome new light fixture in his room – let there be light!  I’m just thrilled to see so much accomplished in 24 hours.

Showing love to your family this month can come in many shapes, forms, and sizes.  For us, it came in the shape of our parents extending their time, love, and resources.  Helping us shift with the growing pains of our little family of four. 

We  definitely feel the love…

Valentines is in 3 days – do something spectacular for your family!

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