February 10, 2012

29 Days of Love ~ Catching Up

29 Days of Love - Final

I know.  It’s been like a week.  Ok, it HAS been a week.   I’m sorry…after 31 days of Nothing {Unhealthy} – I got kind of worn out on all that posting.  Our life is nuts right now.  That’s how it feels.  Nuts.  Something going on every day, commitments pulling us in every direction and full schedules and trying to make sure to carve out ample time to be Mommy to these amazing kids I love so much.  On and on…the list just grows. 

But speaking of love and this month’s challenge – I’ve been trying to incorporate little things into each day to make them special: 

Love notes on their bedroom doors…

baking and decorating Valentines cupcakes together…(mmmm…delish!)


Family time each night that includes games, reading books together, making special Valentine crafts, and playing on the floor. Extra hugs. Extra kisses. Extras thrown in wherever I can get them.

We only have 19 days left in the Challenge and that’s not a whole lot.  If you need ideas for how you can show tangible love to your family this month, please go back and read THIS POST.  If you need a re-cap of what this month’s Challenge is all about – you can read THIS POST.

I know this is brief, but it’s the weekend – and Oma and Opa are down for a visit.  I would love to hear about the expressions of love you’re showing your family and I can always use a great idea! 

Have a great weekend, my friends!  Let’s see if I can pick up the posting action next week?

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