March 10, 2011

This, that, or the other…

My husband asked when I was going to post again.  That’s pretty sad, isn’t it?  And I admit, it’s been a bit sparse around here.  Is it just me?  Is it truly like with the impending feeling of Spring around the corner also came an overwhelming amount of things to accomplish?  I don’t know what it is, but I am buried.  In work, parenting, appointments, and life.  I could make a list, but don’t we all have pretty much the same list?  Life happens.  And before we know it, we’re posting only once a week…ish.  Sad, sad, sad state of affairs my friends.

So rather than regale you with the details of how the “list” has worn me so very thin and made me feel like a hibernation sleep session that lasts a minimum of 1 year would not be such a bad thing, I’ll give you some bullets.  Cuz’ everyone can do bullets, right?  I mean, that’s a no brainer…ish. 

  • The blog design business?  That “little” thing I thought would be fun?  Holy cow!  No foolin’ people…it has blown up!  And it IS fun.  So happy – but wowza…
  • I’ve decided to attend a Ladies Retreat that my church is hosting.  All the retreats I’ve attended in the past have been in cabin-esque type places.  Beautiful – but typically you share a cabin with up to 6 other women.  Now, not to diminish this, because I have made some wonderful relationships in this way.  However, this time the Retreat is at a Hotel.  A Hotel people.  An honest to goodness Hotel.  As in amenities.  As in turn down service.  As in fresh white towels.  So I knew what had to be done.  I pleaded with AB to consider that what I really needed on this Ladies Retreat was just that…a RETREAT.  Since one of the options was a room to yourself…with a King bed, (did I mention white towels and cable and lots of pillows all to yourself?) well, I might have begged asked to do that with extreme glee.  Get a room by myself.  Because I’m all for doing all the fun eating/playing/activities/sessions during the day – but then to be able to go to my room at the end of the day and be ALONE.  Shhhh.  Do you hear that?  That’s me.  Alone.  In my hotel room.  And there is silence.  Peace.  Quiet.  And towels.  That I didn’t have to wash or fold.  Just throwing that in there.  So people – I’m going!  You’ll hear my squeals of JOY as I drive to said Hotel and experience an entire weekend of ME time.  Don’t be alarmed.  It’s just me.  Alone.  And no one will need anything from me for three days.  Oh my gosh…I could cry.  
  • Easter is like, what…tomorrow or something?  Because that décor is everywhere.  And the Cadbury Eggs – which I’m definitely not opposed to – are now showing up in multi packs and mini packs and all over the good world.  Man, it truly is the most wonderful time of the year.  Ahem.
  • There is disturbing news coming out of Ethiopia in the adoption world.  This is just sad and sorry and I’m happy that we are not in the process right now.  After everything we went through during our wait with China – my head just might pop off if I was trying to do this right now.  Give me a break!  What about the kids, people?!?  They are no less an orphan today as they will be tomorrow…and especially not if you keep this kind of stuff up.  Tear the whole structure down when one board is lose?  GAH!
  • Those "little" heart matters that I intimated in the post before last are still there – of course.  Still ugly. Still trying to figure out a solid way to rid myself of them.  But I’ve taken a lot of comfort in encouragement from others – especially those who have reminded me that RECOGNIZING I even have issues that need work and that I AM in charge of fixing those things was a big move.  And it’s true.  I love to place blame on anyone but me.  Isn’t that delightful?  Don’t you just want to get coffee together now?  (cough)  So, yes.  Still working on it.  Gonna be a long process – I can see. 
  • Is anyone looking forward to summer like I am?  I can’t help it.  I know I’m jumping ahead here…but I’m so ready for VACATION.  You heard me.  La Cabin calls……
  • I was thinking it would be fun for AB and I to host a weekly Vlog (video-blog, ma).  (See, I made a funny there.  That was for my “ma” because she’ll read that and say “what in the hootin’ hollerin’ is a ‘vlog?!?”…now she knows.)  Won’t you just love to see our mugs interacting?  I mean, people will tune in for that, right?  Anyone?  Hello?  (crickets)
  • Pictures?  Anyone?  Here’s what I love:  I love that when Anton can be home and being that he loves to cook – he is often on the kitchen.  Well, little man just LOVES to help.  So here’s what I love.  I love that Anton has the patience of a saint and teaches his 3 year old how to cook.  That’s what I love.  When I see Quint stirring up some awesome sauce for this or that?  Well, that's just...mmm mmm good! 

I love this kid!  Green tomatoes, anyone?



So anywhoooo, I’m not gonna make any grandiose promises about how I’ll blog more or do better or whatever.  Life is for the living.  If I’m gone for a week at a time for awhile, just know that it in NO WAY indicates a stop to writing.  But rather a full, busy, and active life.  Stories are building up to be shared, and I have no intention to stop telling them.  Sometimes you just need a little breather, eh?  Lots of “heart” stuff happening that I’ll love sharing with you – but I figure I’ll give them a chance to kick in, before I start blathering about how much I’ve changed…nothing worse than someone who brags how different they are only slip back to exactly the person they were.  Yuck.  And since my wonderful husband reads this blog faithfully – bless his heart – I will spare myself the shame of being dishonest about how I’m doing with my attitude adjustment, eh? 

Everyone have a great weekend!!