August 9, 2010

La Woods

While visiting La Cabin, we managed to wrangle all the “littles” into one place so I could take some pictures of them.  More like herding cats (mine..ahem)…but it turned out sweet and special.  Except that Quint was not into it.  At all.  And he’s two.  So there’s that.  And the one picture (no, literally…there is only one picture of just him) he “conceded” to – he has his back to me essentially.  Which kind of sums it all up for him, friends.  Me do it me-self, mommy.

But my niece, Princess Buttercup and my nephew, Prince Patience (because there wasn’t a more patient kid than him!!)?  They were like muah and another muah.  Love them…need to photograph them more.  They loved the camera and the camera-holder loved(s) them.  Next time, Lisa…

  20100725_286 20100725_255   20100725_334-glamour20100725_311  20100725_339-vividII  20100725_366
20100725_408  20100725_283 20100725_379 20100725_392


Kim said...

OMW... sooooo CUTE..
Love .. LOVE ... LOVE the photo of Keira looking up...

Anonymous said...

WOW - Those pictures are incredible! Love your blog and never comment but, just had to say you are very talented!

Kayce said...

Fantastic photos Christie!!

liasmomma said...

Your little babycakes is just precious!!! Love her sweet little round face and big brown eyes.

I'm reading a really good book right now called "Lucy Baby" by Meridith Efken. I think you would really like it so maybe check it out.


Shannon said...

Your children are SERIOUSLY photogenic! Beautiful pictures.