May 15, 2009

It's Like Totally...a

Rad Prom Flashback Extravaganza...

Jen over at Blissfully Caffeinated challenged us to post our, like, totally awesome prom pics, and so I was like "ok" and she was like "ok" and I was all "this is rad" and she was like "I know, it's totallllllly rad".

And so here we go.

First of all - that dress is still like totally way cool But the dripping over-sized bow is kind of grody, (definition: really, really gross) But I was majorly lame and broke all the rules of my private high school anyway (not really - just this one). You see, you couldn't wear anything above the knee - but I was a transplant - coming in from public school to a very small private school. So I was like "I'm totally not wearing a granny dress", and so my mom was all "what about this one with the bow - it looks longer than it is" and I was all "Mom, you're like totally wicked to the max". Notice how high above the knee that dress is? Loved that dress...

The jacket was removable - but I had been blessed with a certain, shall we say...voluptuous upper body area...more so than most all the girls in my grade. So the jacket was in place to protect the harmony and the sanctity of all those overly excitable boys I sat in the vicinity of. (Or so said my Dad...) You might think I'm playing - but listen up hosers...that was some serious action under that "jacket", eh, and I dared not remove it for fear of adolescent mauling - for which I was quite frankly terrified. I did later remove the jacket (and nothing else! what kind of girl do you take me for? - barf me out!) and felt so scandalous. Bwah ha!

When pastels were the coolest thing to hit the mall - this, like major mall chick was heading for black. Because we all know, what? That black thins you out. That's right. And for some GOD FORSAKEN REASON, I thought I was fat. Cough. (If the me from then could like totally see the me from now - but I digress) My date obliged and even threw in a turtle neck for extra measure - in white. Just to show we were, um...Erasure-ish new wave-ish. I thought about wearing my wrist full of rubber bracelets or my tricked out puffy paint stone-washed jean jacket - but it would have ruined it, totally.

Before you think I'm a dweeb-o-rama - let me just point out that posting this pic is in no way helping out my paninaro (See Pet Shop Boys). Though I still have this dress in a tub of other long buried prom dresses (whose pics shall remain un-posted) - I couldn't get a THIGH BONE into it anymore. Sob. I should have kept gettin' physical with Olivia Newton John all these years, instead of playing around for hours with my Rubik Cube. Lame. Never could solve it.

But how much do I love my hair?!?! I mean, first of all - it went down to my waist - and I hot curled it to be all like...curly and like gorgeous. And those bangs would not have been shaken down by a bulldozer. That's some serious Aqua Net skills going on there. Gawd, I'm smokin!

What can I tell you about my date - all I remember of D was that he was kinda cute and really funny, too cocky - and super flirty. He was the bomb for like, a week. He asked me, I said yes - and we had fun. Except for the unwelcome groping that I had not planned on, nor did I particularly want. We ended up at the mall or something and totally ditched our other group. There was no dancing - because we went to private school, so I didn't get to bust out my break-dancing moves. Sucked. I watched that movie over and over to get my routine down just right...I even brought a little tuft of cardboard to spin on. Sigh... forward almost 20 years later and come to find out - the best part about my date?

He's now a doctor, and single and a little bit cuter. Cocky boy turns hunky doctor - Bodacious.

Well, I guess I better like totally get back to being a couch potato and like, veg out. I was totally spazzing when I saw Jenn's post - she was like a total hottie back in the day and like, married her prom date. Like for SURE! You should check it out and give her a visit, eh?

Love Jenn...she's like so rad.


Kayce said...

Like no way! I totally love your dress and the hair is like perf! LOL!! Great post! Takes me back to the way past and puts big ole smile on my face! Enjoy your weekend!

blissfully caffeinated said...

Loves it! That's a classic dress right there and your date was a total fox.

Now, let's see the rest of those pictures. :)

Thanks for playing along!

Anonymous said...

You are seriously tooo funny.. I was laughing SO hard when I read this .I cannot believe that you remember all of that terminology so well! Grody, to the max and the puffy paint. ha!
That is so funny that your mom helped you find a dress w/ a bow to make it appear longer! And did you really bring the cardboard to spin on? You crack me up. ~Holly

Ani said...

this is too funny! you totally made my morning, like, you know, totally :)

thanks for sharing.

Laurin said...

I had forgotten "to the max"! All I can say is that bow is some serious designing. Wow. I'm here from Jen's.