April 23, 2008

Lists for my lists for my lists...

Have I mentioned that we're going to Ethiopia in 3 weeks and 6 days? Have I mentioned the MASSIVE amount of things we need to do prior to leaving, the least of which is get Yellow Fever shots so we can avoid bringing the black death back to the US - if for some reason there was an outbreak? Have I mentioned that tomorrow I am traveling to Vegas to attend my Aunt's wedding? I won't be back until next Monday and it's a wonderful thing that she's getting married and it's going to be amazing (love you Deany) - but I HAVE LISTS, PEOPLE. LISTS. I'm so far behind on certain things that my lists have lists.

This is the problem with being obsessively obsessed. HA! You make lists for your lists for your lists. You get through one and and you make a new one. You constantly think of things that need done - and then you sit on the couch (kind of comatose like), lists in hand, whilst you realize that you'll never get through all your stupid lists. I'm not saying I do this (cough), or that I have done this (sputter) or that I will (ahem) I'm just saying it could happen (gulp).

So, I'm traveling to Vegas and I'm sure I'll post a pic or two. But in my mind - I'm stuck in list mode and all that's not getting done on the homefront.

Meanwhile, we're anxiously awaiting another update at the end of the month for Quint. It's going to be so great to see new pics and get new information about him. That is definitely one of the perks for this adoption - we get regular updates. It's nice to feel somewhat connected to him as he grows and changes. Even if we aren't there yet.

But seriously friends - 3 weeks......6 days.


I have a whole post to do about the amazing romantic gesture AB did for me last Friday. It was an anniversary gift and it was so awesome! I have pics - I'll have to post that later...maybe tonight?

(3 weeks though...seriously?)


Erin said...

First, breathe in, breathe out. Repeat until calm. Now, look at your list and give me some things to do. Seriously. I'm 5 minutes away and I can help out. Even if it is washing, drying and folding Quint's clothes. Remember - I have a fancy schmancy washer and dryer now and I'm eager to use it! You can do this....you absolutely can!

Love you!

Carrie said...

I remember that feeling well. My beautiful color coded spreadsheets would even sneak in and mock me in my sleep. In the end it all worked out. Anything I forgot we could buy in Ethiopia anyway and we got a beautiful, awesome, amazing son out of the deal.

Oh, and we didn't get the Yellow Fever shot... just saying.

Emy said...

My Dad is a crazy List Maniac too. I've actually seen him dig in the outside garbage cans looking for a list!! Are you that bad? :)
Can't wait to hear the updates for Quint.
Have a fun time in Vegas Baby!

Lili said...

Just cross off SLEEPING from your lists. you really don't have time for that now! Exciting!

Kim said...

Okay.. someone already said it..
BUT breath in ,breath out..
You will be fine...
Can't wait to see your post..
I really can't wait to see Quint in your arms...

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that you sit here and blog about how you can't wait to see your son, and you wish you were leaving earlier. You COULD go earlier, but you choose not to. I honestly think its very selfish of you to leave your son in an orphanage, while you sit here all happy in your luxury...well...compared to what he has anyways.