April 29, 2008

Gagillion Updates (before the storm...heh heh...)

I have updates for you - betcha thought I would never come back!

First, can I tell you how excited I am about our two showers this weekend? I have one with my girlfriends on Sat. and one with Anton's school/parents Sunday. This is my first time at this baby shower thing, and I am soooooo excited! I can hardly wait! Also, on Friday night the M3 Posse is having a Pajama Party at K's house. Whahoo! I haven't done that in years! We are all so ready for Friday - too bad we're minus V - but she's got better things to do right now - like say...oh, being in China with her new cutie patootie, Aubriana? (See #6 below)

Here they are in no particular order at all - who's got the time?

1. Tonight some dear friends of ours stopped by out of the blue and surprised us with this!

Here I am with my Chicco "Polly" Highchair!!! It's the cutest and slickest thing you've ever seen! I love the colors (orange, blue, brown, and green polka dots) and I think they'll work for both the kids. I was so surprised I spent five minutes with my mouth gaping wide open and thanked them maybe no less than 50 times. They said they just wanted to "bless us". My Lord! We ARE! This was such a mood lifter and a huge, huge happiness for me. Thank you so much Tracy, Larry and Ella! We are beyond blessed by your generosity!

2. While on my travels this last week - I got to see one of my oldest and dearest friends - Renee. It was so good to see you, my dear! I actually got a little teary when we said goodbye - all these years as friends and it was my last time seeing her as just "Christie". Next time we meet, I'm a mama. Love you girl...you have made me laugh for 16 years and I can't imagine not knowing you.

3. Of course, there's the wedding. It was just beautiful! My aunt was STUNNING! And I really think she looks like Jane Seymour. Don't you? It was so good to see them both beaming and happy - just totally right in every way. I was invited to sing for her ceremony and it was such a privilege to be asked and to share their day in that way.

Vegas was hot. But FUN! My mom and I had quite the adventure and I highly recommend seeing the "Titanic" exhibit if you're in town. It's fascinating!! I won no major cash, because I refused to play more than about $20 in slots. Couldn't bear the idea of losing money so close to our trip. Just couldn't do it!

Mark & Deany

I finally snuck a picture of me with the bride - my sweet Auntie! I have no idea why I look like I'm lit up like a pink piglet in this picture. Ugh.

My & my Mama! (Rehearsal Dinner)

4. Anniversary #7
AB really outdid himself this year and gave me the royal treatment. Oh-la-la! He reasoned it was our last anniversary as just Anton & Christie, and wanted to do something extra special to convey his love for me. And boy, did he! I got picked up in this beauty...
Where we drove to get this beautiful man from work...

And then onto an amazing dinner at III Forks. What a treat and the food was absolutely AMAZING! Not one bad bite in the whole meal and I felt so pampered and loved on. For my gift? AB presented something I have wanted for a very, very long time: Our wedding on DVD. I could have cried! We only had it on VHS (yes, I just aged us) and our VHS machine has been long gone. I was so moved...what a wonderful time we had together and such a great way to love on each other before our big move into parenthood! When our driver took us home, we curled up on the couch together and watched the wedding video - which made me tear up and brought back many happy memories of our special day. Thank you, babe - it was so WONDERFUL and so great to be reminded of how much you are my best friend in the world. I love you!

5. Last month I along with two friends, Susie and Laura, was invited to lead worship at a Women's Retreat. We don't attend this particular church, but the three of us really enjoy singing together and somehow it was passed along the vine and we were asked to lead. We had so much fun - I swear, just on the ride there - we laughed and laughed. And our sides were quite literally hurting by the time we got there. It is such a priviledge to sing with these two - they are such amazing singers and so spot on - I feel honored to lead with them. The site was beautiful (I've been there before for my own church) and it was a pleasure to get to know the women from this church.
6. OMG! I have to tell you how utterly happy I am for M3 Posse Sister - my dear sweet friend Valerie and her beautiful daughter Aubriana - they are in China and finally united after all this time! I don't need to tell you - she's a DOLL! They come home next week and I am so excited to see them and hug that baby...please stop by and give her a little blogger hug - she could use it - she's homesick and feeling under the weather. Such a bummer when you're so far from home!

Ok, so that's the latest. We're preparing for our trip in small ways every day. Since I got home last night, I've done laundry, unpacked, cleaned house, made a packing and grocery list, gotten blood work at the lab, caught up on work, met with friends, had a final conference call with our agency to go over last minute details, and arranged for Quint to have a lap ticket on our way home. I'm cruising along through my checklists and have no intention of stopping.


I can't wait until I get to post pictures of us with Quint for all you sweethearts out there who have been following our journey. And for those who have been around since the inception of the blog and the Keira journey - just know that we appreciate you so much and still pine daily for our little princess. Can't wait to have both my babies home next year and finally have both of my kids in my arms at one time. What a sweet day that will be! But for now, one step at a time...or one baby at a time - tee hee!



Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

I am sooo EXCITED for you girly..
Looks like you have been having some fun..
Have a Great Week..
Can't wait to see all the goodies from your babyshowers...
The best part is coming.. When I get to see Quint in your arms..

Paul & Robyn: said...

So glad you are home (at least for now!) and can't wait until Friday!!!

The next 2 weeks will fly by, after all you will have to be finding places for all those gifts from the showers!!

Love ya!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats and Happy Anniversary! I love III Forks...the III Forks salad is sooo good. I can't wait to see you with Quint!

Emy said...

Thanks for all the updates, and I like the new look of the blog too!!