April 9, 2008

Cough. Sputter

I'm sorry. Really I am...I know many of you are posting regularly and they are great posts with birthdays and milestones, and LID's - and I'm trying to keep up with them. Really, I am!

But part of the give and take of blogging, is also commenting. I unabashedly admit that I love your comments probably as much as you love receiving them too. What fun would blogging be if no one read our stuff? What would the point be? That's why it's so fun to read all your comments!

But lately? I've been a terrible blogger buddy because I'm like a hit and run blogger. I read em, and yet I haven't commented. It's not because I don't love your blog - it's because I am overwhelmed. It's because I have sticky note reminders all over my house. It's because when I look at my desk calendar, I get hives because most all of the days for this month have something penciled in. This in addition to working full-time and being bogged down with that as well; deadlines, and reports, and problems - it's just crazy around here.

Add on top of all of this the fact that, Lord willing, we're going to be on a plane to Africa next month to get our little Quint. Monday the 14th of April (yes, that's next Mon.) is our Court Day...and if we pass... well, it's official - he's ours! Please be praying for us that all will go well, and that we will pass with flying colors.

So, all this to say - I have been falling down on the blogger job - but it's not for lack of trying. Please hang in there with me! I will be back to commenting again...it's just that I've got to get out of this sticky note hell. Which reminds me...I need to...well, better put it on a sticky note...ugh!


Briana's Mom said...

Don't worry! You life is totally crazy right now! Concentrate on the important things - like getting your sweet boy home! Good luck with your court date!

Kim said...

I think all of our lives are crazy...
I will be praying next Monday.. Everything is going to be GREAT...
Can't wait to see Quints face..

Suz said...

How exciting! I simply don't know why you don't comment? Pluh-ez! We are so excited and praying for you mucho!!!! Hugs!

Young Creations said...

That's ok. I will keep reading anyways. I am hoping for less post-its and more free time.

Anonymous said...

We do know how busy you are. I, too, apologize, I do read your blog almost everyday, but rarely leave you any comments. Please know that I am with you all the way!
I pray fequently for the expanding B family, and will be sending some big prayers Sunday night and Monday morning.
I'm sure your readers will forgive you in advance, because when you get your little one home, you will have even less time for blogging.=D
Love you, Sister!!

Anonymous said...

I also read your blog because you have so much to say that is really intersting!! I am also someone that does not always leave many comments. I wanted to say I hope everything goes well for you to get your son home soon and your daughter also. I am adopting from China, and have a longer wait that you since we are LID 9/18/06. Someday all our children will be home with us and we can talk about how they are adjusting!
Take Care,
Brenda from Michigan!!
Email me anytime,(I know you are really busy right now).

Emy said...

Love your blog. I have it as a favorite on mine! I'll be praying for you guys on Monday. Can't wait to see little Quint!

Dan, Misty & Ashar said...

Man, Every day I check my blog and a just so disappointed that there are no comments from you. Seriously, what on earth else do you have to do then comment on my blog!?! HAHAH! You have a bit on your plate right now. Just get that baby home!!!