February 26, 2007

I'm home and I've got a new addiction

Yes, it's true! I'm finally back home in good ol Texas. I was in California for a month to the day, and it was so nice to finally be home again. I do miss my family - and for those who are wondering - Dad came home from the hospital today and it was a very long awaited wonderful moment. Even though I couldn't be there to share it, I did get to speak with him and I know he is so happy to be back home and out of a hospital bed. Let's not even talk about the food!

The hubby is thrilled to have me back and I'm thrilled to be home. Of course, some serious housekeeping, laundry, and a major backlog of work have kept me from posting sooner. But there's just something so magical about coming home when you've been gone this long. It was such a sweet feeling to be back in my home and near my hubby and fur-babies. Even driving my own car, and being back in my town. Such a nice feeling. More to come on the gifts I got just for coming back, in a different post -

Meanwhile, I'm addicted Webkinz....

Meet in order of left to right: Miss Piggy, Miss Chloe, and Froggy. I admit, Miss Chloe looks a little bit like Hellraiser, but not online. They are so darn cute. Go ahead and see this adorable and very kid friendly site for yourself. The premise is, you buy a beanie type pet (see picture above and notice I've bought not one but three!) and then each one comes with a little code. You go to the website, www.webkinz.com and click on "adopt a pet" and it's all downhill from there. I am addicted! You play little games to earn kinzcash and you do daily activities, and you have a little house for your pet that you decorate and buy things for. It should not be fun for adults - but shamelessly my Mom, sis-in law and some friends are pitifully addicted. And my nieces and adult BROTHER! Yes, a man...addicted to a little kiddy stuffed animal website. So, if that doesn't sell you, I don't know what will.

Go ahead...I dare ya...if you're not latched on in a couple days, then you're just not the web addicted junkie I had you all pegged for...

Meanwhile, while I was gone my Secret Pal sent me the cutest little package for Valentines: Here are the pics and thank you, thank you, thank you - you're the best!

(Proof that I've already put the darling frame to good use!)

Also - met with my gang upon returning and surprised the crap out of them, by just showing up but not telling them I was home. I heard they were getting together for just a casual night - and I know some couldn't make it, but man did I surprise the heck out of them. It was awesome. Even better, it was so nice to just sit around in our comfy clothes and just shoot the breeze about life, adoption, - you name it, it probably came up. Also, there was a definite theme rolling through - and that was "DOGS". We had a resident male - and that would be the adorable and charming "Rowdy" who owns Robyn. And then there was the darn near cutest pug I have ever seen, "Lucy" who owns Erin. This little girl is just a baby and despite what you see in the pictures, she was a HOOT-A-NANNY! She ran circles around Rowdy and would not let the poor guy sit for even a nano-second. Good times. Then she just kerplunked and that's what you see in these shots. One regret - no pictures of the serene and lovely "Reagan" - who is Erin's oh so lovable large dog and who handled the two little ones with total patience and gentleness. Couple of good 'uns to show off and add to my Posse slide-show at right -

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Until the next post about my "homecoming" gifts from the hubby, which will have you all drooling as much as I did. He's definitely the husband of the year...



4D said...

Welcome home! So happy that your dad is doing well.

Keep smilin!

Erin said...

Oh, I just love my little girl! She really is the sweetest little puppy and takes the cutest pictures, even sleeping. And I love that you said she owns me - she definitely does! I am SO glad you are home (as evidenced by my incredibly loud scream on Saturday night). Thank you for the best surprise EVER! Love you!

Valerie said...

I can't believe you have been home that long and not a peep out of you! I was upset to miss the last event, but now I'm REALLY ticked...WELCOME HOME!!!! So glad things turned out so well.

I hope to see you soon.


Elise said...

So glad you are home and your dad is out of the hospital!!! Enjoy your hubby!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I admit...I am a webkinz junkie! This is also a great website for younger kiddies, 2-6. They will benefit just from the fun of choosing items for their pet and mom can play the games and earn all of the money they need to buy all of the cool stuff they are going to want. Make sure you take the "tour" of the website first and if you're interested you can use the locater to see where you can buy your webkinz. Happy hunting!