February 23, 2007

Don't say it...I know I have a problem...

The other day my friend said to me "that girl will never be able to wear an outfit more than once" (while referring to Keira). I corrected her..."she will probably not even be able to make it into all the outifts at all, let alone twice!". Having said that...enjoy these pictures of the new additions to my daughter's wardrobe and room in no particular order (that I have waited too long to post on here)...

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Daddy picked this out and wrapped this for Keira at Christmas (yes, I'm lame and am just now posting it). It is so sweet and each cut out will have a picture of her in it. He already sees her as his little princess! But really, what a sweetie to get his baby girl something!

My bargain find at Carter's...$3.99 - can't beat that for a cute little red dress!

Love, love, love this little outfit. The shirt says "Mon Cherie" and the outfit has cherry's all over it. (babystyle.com - clearance section!)
Target bargain - each piece was $2.24 - not lying...just gotta be there on the right day. These pants are too cute. Couldn't stand it!

A gift from Auntie Renee...the cutest little outfit. The pants are capris with little butterflies all over them. The matching shoes just make it!

Another darling capri's outfit from Auntie Renee. Love this! Has a matching hat attached.

A $3.28 pargain from Carter's. So soft it would melt you to touch this little onesie. It actually says "Sweetie" at the top by the collar. Sigh!

Another Carter deal...$3.28 - love the little corner of the pants that say "baby" inside the heart!

A gift from Grandma Nila - LOVE Dora and I love this little China Dora!

Keira's Easter Dress for '07. Last year, I missed Keira so much, that I bought her an Easter dress - and I imagined her with her little dress and Easter basket searching the yard for little eggs. This year, I decided it would be a tradition, whether she was here to wear it or not. I know that she will eventually - and at $10 it was too cute to pass up. (Let's give it up for Carter's people!....I know...it's a sickness...)
A whole collection of hair bows and clips from Auntie Laura! Love them!

Ok, well that about wraps this session up for all the things my daughter has waiting for her...and let's be honest - if this were all she had, I actually might have room in the closet to put these things. Or in the dresser...or the two tubs sitting full in her closet...or in the...well, you get the picture. Look, I'm feeling like Keira will spend the first two years of her life being the best dressed baby around (along with all the other M3 Crew babies, of course). After that, it's all up to Grandma's and clearance sales. Do ya feel me?

It's my first child - what can you do? Indulge me!

Hugs ~


Kelley said...

I don't understand why you say that you have a problem. I don't see a problem at all! Keira (and all the M3 babies) are going to be the best dressed gals in town! I really do have to get over to Carter's to check things out...especially now that Grammy is here and chomping at the bit to go shopping for the girls! :-)
Love you and miss you!

Valerie said...

When you commin home babe???? We miss you!!!!

Great deals and too damn cute. A girl after my own heart, spoil them with bargains.

Love V