September 28, 2015

30 Days of Nothing - Winding Down

I guess I thought it would be more dramatic.  That I would be kind know, twitching and having all sorts of glee about the last few days of "nothing".  Plotting out where we'd go first.  Scheming for all things sushi.  Because after all, Thursday marks October 1st AND the end of my suffering.

Except, as we sat around the table last night talking about the past month - we realized some important things.  First, it wasn't that bad after all.  (Did I just admit that?)  It helps that AB is a stellar (and I mean, STELLAR) cook.  That softens the blow.  It helps that I don't really like to shop.  Not for clothes, not for shoes, not for really anything.  That helps.  But I've said many times over: this is a counter-culture experience.  Most people are genuinely impressed that we did it.  Or shocked maybe?  Or just shrug their shoulders.  But I found that when I would share about this challenge, people would actually shudder.  As if to say "no way, no how".

At the beginning of this challenge, I argued that our lives were so busy we would never make it.  We couldn't possibly find MORE time in which to prep, cook, eat, and clean up (thirty days x 3 meals a day).  After all, weren't we overwhelmed and tired ALL the time?  How can having to cook at home alllllllll of the days and nights be helpful?  But it turns out, we could.  Turns out?  It sometimes takes that long to go somewhere, wait to be seated, order, be served, wait for the check, and head back home.  Granted - there's less work involved for us - and sometimes you just need that.  But several times a week?  We decided, no.  Definitely not.

If your budget allows, then God bless ya!  Our doesn't.

We realized that what we really needed with this challenge was a mental reset, if you will.  A chance to stop a pattern dead in its tracks and start over. 

Does this mean we'll never eat out?  Nope.  Does this mean you'll never see us in a drive through line with our littles after a long day of work and soccer practice and homework or at our favorite sushi place on date night?  Nope.  Because you will.

But we also got a thirty day reminder that a lot of times we eat out (and spend our $$) because we forget that eating at home is just as good with a little extra effort.  That planning is key.  That smart grocery shopping is worth it. 

There were days when we forced ourselves to stick to this challenge when we ALL wanted to do the opposite.  There were late nights when ALL OF US wanted to cave and grab a burger - just for the sake of time.  I'm happy to report - we didn't.  We forced ourselves to come home, get creative, and stick to it.  I'm proud of that, because it was HARD TO DO.

Will I be glad when it's over?  Yes.  Do I feel proud of what we accomplished and pleased with what we gleaned?  Absolutely. 

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Patty said...

Hope all is well. Missing your updates.