August 31, 2015

30 Days in One Day

Tomorrow is the big day and I'm not lying to you good people - I'm dreading it.  Ha!  AB?  Totally into it.  Ready.  Willing.  Stoked.  All manner of "let's do this".  Me?  Well lets just say that over dinner last night, Quint said "but what about Chipotle, Mommy???"  Indeed, son.  Indeed

So...lots of interesting struggles ahead and a handful of people joining in this time around, so that's always fun for me to see.  It's a CHALLENGE.  No doubt.  It's very counter-culture to save instead of spend.  In and of itself, I should note that both AB and I fancy ourselves a good dining out experience.  We also really really like convenience.  So as much as he loves to cook, we have our fair share of prepared meals from some of our favorite eateries, say...on a regular basis.

However, he made this hot crunchy sourdough bread last week and I'm just here to say: Preach.

You guys.  I would think 30-days would be no big with this stuff in the background of my life. 

So I guess I'm ready.  Ish.  No...let's do it.  Discipline 101.  Right?  Gulp.


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